Exhibition News May 2019 - Page 33

Feature Seeing is believing EN meets See, the ticketing company combining flexibility with scalability F ew sectors in the events industry have changed as much as ticketing has in recent years. Once a fairly straightforward service provider, the average ticketing supplier now needs the high-quality service, technical knowhow and data-handling capability to provide a comprehensive service to event organisers. One company making significant in-roads into the consumer show ticketing market is See, which is combining a number of long-standing, loyal customers, such as Media 10, with recent new business wins such as Upper Street Events. “It all starts with understanding where the organiser wants to get to and what they need to achieve,” commercial manager Matt Evans tells EN. “From there we can advise how best they do this and between the two parties form a plan to exceed their expectations. “The full service we offer includes white-labelled customer journeys, where the brand of the event prevails, and a fully integrated live reporting suite that gives your event’s various departments access to the information they need, whenever they need it – day or night.” The largest independent ticketing agency in the UK, See works with more than 125 exhibition clients and sells for over 250 exhibitions throughout the year. It also partners with festivals such as Glastonbury and Boardmasters and is active during the Christmas season with involvement in events like Christmas at Kew and The Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks. “The majority of the time we sit in the background, behind the brand of the show,” continues Evans. “Having the ‘See’ brand exposed isn’t important to us, so it’s not always obvious that we are the ticketing partner.” Another selling point for the company is its sizable database of event attendees, which spans regions and demographics, allowing organisers to gain extra exposure to the most relevant potential consumers. “We do this by segmented marketing campaigns, talking to the right audiences, at the right time, in the right language,” says Evans. “We offer full onsite support and walk-up sales function. All scanning is live, and that scan data is captured by the reporting dashboard for ops managers to be able to keep track of how many people have walked through the gates.” Rob Nathan, marketing director at Media 10, tells EN: “If marketers think that the process of ticketing is just a function, then they are sorely misguided” - Rob Nathan “In an ever-evolving world of suppliers in the events industry, one of the few constants in my 20-plus year career has been See. “Ticketing may seem like a simple business, and many may be of the opinion, ‘why not just go for the cheapest supplier because it’s only a process?’ Experience tells me that nothing could be further from the truth; the selling of tickets, the marketing of your product and the point where customers transact with your brand is incredibly complex and need experts to make sure that this is being handled effectively. “See provide exceptional customer service, unrivalled marketing support and I have always felt that they really care. If marketers think that the process of ticketing is just a function, and that the choice of which agency to use is not a variable in sales, then they are sorely misguided.” Evans agrees that a genuine partnership is high on the agenda: “We can partner with an event from day one of setup through to post event analysis. We find ourselves in a unique place with the market; we have the size and scale to cope with any event but are still flexible and bespoke to cater for even the most intricate of customer journeys or client requests.” EN May — 33