Exhibition News May 2017 - Page 66

LAST WORD GITAL TETE The COO of MCM Expo Group on creating a gaming show in Sweden, being a brunch person and never taking no for an answer WHAT IS THE BIGGEST TOPIC THAT NEEDS ADDRESSING IN THE INDUSTRY? Exhibitions by numbers; there are too many of the ‘same events with different names’ out there, and to make matters worse, it often feels like they run back-to-back. More inventiveness, imagination and outside the box thinking would do wonders for our industry. 66 WHAT ARE THE THREE THINGS YOU WOULD CHANGE IN THE INDUSTRY? 1. More fresh blood! Right now, the market is dominated by bigger companies that buy up their smaller competitors. If more venues were open to partnerships rather than just selling space, we might see a lot more new and different events launching. 2. Catering. It’s an issue the industry comes up against time and again. If we’re not allowed to bring in our own catering, it would be great to work more with venues to improve the quality of the services they provide. 3. The look of some venues and shows. I know that a lot of companies are working on that but I still feel that sometimes I’ve walked in to something that was built 30 years ago. WHICH SPEAKER HAS MOST IMPRESSED YOU AT AN EXHIBITION? Richard Branson. I was lucky enough to hear him give a talk when he was visiting Stockholm, and the way he views success and his belief that a leader must be a ‘people person’ who values staff and puts them fi rst, really impressed me. WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE FOR A NIGHTCAP AND WHAT WOULD IT BE? That’s an easy one: I’ll never turn down a whiskey sour at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm. WHATÕ S THE WORST IDEA YOU HAVE SEEN AT AN EXHIBITION? It’s not a big idea as such, but it’s something you see all the time: people on stands asking, ‘Can I help you?’ rather than ‘What are you interested in?’ Come on guys, make the sale! FAVOURITE RESTAURANT BEST DISH? Jack’s Wife Freda bistro in Soho, New York. I’m May 2017 | exhibitionnews.co.uk defi nitely a brunch person and love everything on their menu, but especially the poached eggs with halloumi and pancakes. MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? My husband. WHATÕ S YOUR KARAOKE SONG OF CHOICE? I’m banned from singing karaoke. But when they can’t stop me in time, I go for Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. WHAT ONE THING DO YOU DO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE? Well, I have this tendency of being a bit pushy; I never take no for an answer. BIGGEST WEAKNESS? I don’t have a fi lter, so I always say what pops into my head. WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? Jon Hamm. PROUDEST MOMENT (IN AND OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY)? When I was 22, I created a gaming show in Sweden – no one had done that before and it became the biggest gaming event in the Nordics. Outside the industry, it’d be packing my bags and going on a solo, yearlong round-the-world trip when I was 19. TEAM YOU SUPPORT AND WHY? PSG; my husband is French and I didn’t have a choice in the matter. WHAT DO YOU DO TO LET OFF STEAM? A glass of wine and lots of chocolate. It’s a good combo. WHATÕ S THE BEST PUTDOWN YOUÕ VE HEARD IN THE INDUSTRY? I once passed a manger giving a pep talk, but it included, ‘You need to grow up and get more clients or you won’t have a job on Monday’. Such a nice way to motivate people. TELL US SOMETHING WE DONÕ T KNOW ABOUT YOU? I once sat through a whole meeting racking my brains trying to remember who it was I was meeting with. After we’d said our goodbyes, I looked them up on Google. They owned one of the biggest tech companies there is. Thank God I wasn’t rumbled! WORST ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU OWN? Nothing, darling. I’m a fashion icon; I do not own crappy clothes. Honest. MOST EMBARRASSING SONG YOU OWN? How did you know I bought Kiss You by One Direction? DESCRIBE THE EVENTS INDUSTRY. It’s an exciting place where you can never get bored; one day is never like the other one and the sky’s the limit. limit.EN