Exhibition News May 2017 - Page 60

COLUMN We Annie Byrne discusses the science of email subject lines and how getting it right is crucial to your campaign Events ‘It’s not you, it’s me‘ W 60 hen I was writing an email to industry friends letting them know that I was leaving Mash, the hardest thing wasn’t holding back the tears. It wasn’t wondering how many hearts I’d break in the process, it was, ‘What the hell do I write as the subject line?’ In the end, I went with, ‘It’s not you, it’s me’. If you think about it, writing an effective email subject line is one of the hardest aspects of email marketing, let alone making sure people read your goodbye message. There is a science to email subject lines. The copy you choose can make or break your campaign. Marketers spend a long time studying the strategic framework of successful email subject lines, and according to market researcher Chadwick Martin Bailey, 64 per cent of people say they open emails because of the subject line. President Obama is one of the most connected politicians of his age, embracing social media and email marketing. He, Mitt Romney and their team took email-marketing efforts to the next level. America’s latest President is even more active on social media, perhaps to a fault… What did Obama do to make his email campaigns so successful? Well, he talked like a friend for one thing. When big companies send emails, they try their hardest to sound like a big company. But as we all know in events, people prefer doing business with people, not big companies. When you write emails, write like one person to another. Obama often uses subject lines like: ‘Hell no’, ‘Dinner with the Obamas’ and ‘Go ahead, keep me waiting’. He also uses short subject lines. When you send emails to your friends, do you tend to use short subject lines or long? In Phrasee’s research on email marketing, the marketing software company that uses artificial intelligence, says: “In email, you have such a small space to ask for action. Testing out call to action words is critical.” Personalisation works when it’s done well, and when it’s not done well, it doesn’t work. Using a person’s first name in a subject line can work wonders. Sometimes even simpler personalisation works just as well. Remember that your clients are humans. The average person receives hundreds of email a day – more messages than they can digest while juggling other commitments. You need to make sure your email doesn’t end up in the deleted folder without having been read. What do you think #eventprofs? For more industry-related musings, go to weblogevents.com. Crisis Management Lee Skelding, managing director of Vaper Expo UK, describes launching an exhibition that’s uniquely tricky to promote An uphill struggle T he Vaper Expo UK has been fighting an uphill battle since it first opened its doors in 2015. Vaping comes under TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) regulations, restricting certain types of mainstream advertising, so we had to think outside the box when it came to our marketing strategies. With the rate at which the Vaper Expo UK is growing, we, like any show, have to ensure we maintain a constant growth in visitor numbers. Magazines, papers, radio, TV or any other media that is deemed by the TPD as having ‘cross border effects’ is currently out of the question. ‘But we’re promoting the hea Ѡ)م她Ѽե)͵d)5܁ᡥѥ̹լ)]eٔͅѡ́ͼ䁽̰ͥ)ѥЁѕѡɕхɽ)ɕՍɅ́ ͕́ݡ٥͕ѡQA)ɕձѥ̸MЁ݅́ѥѼѡͥ)ѡก!٥ɥѡэՈ)䰁$ѼѡѼɽ)ЁɔɅѕ)ɽѥ%ӊéЁɕѥ쁝)ѡѡͥ́ɐ1Ёѡѡ)ݽɬȁԸ)Ḿɽѡ)Yȁéɭѥ%ӊé)ѕɅѥ ɕѥѕЁ)ѡٕЁՅ䁥ٽٕ́ѥͽ)ѡᡥѽ́ɐQ䁅ɥє)ͽѡȁɽՍ́Ѽٔ݅䁽)ѥѥ)Qᡥѽȁ́䰁́ӊéɄ)ɔYͥѽ́ɔ䁅́ѡ䁝Ёѡ)ѼݥͽѡեєՉхѥ)=ԁٔѡ٥ͥѽȁӊe)ѥѼѡЁѼ)Ѽѡ͡܁Ʌ]͕Yȁ)ɍ͔ѡЁݕȁɽՑ)ɽչѽݸѼȁɔ)]ͼхɝЁɕх́ѡݡ)䁽ȁѕ̸́%ӊè)Ёхɝѕٕѥͥ=ѡݔٔ)ɹЁɽ́ѡЁɕٕѥͥ)ɱ䁝́ȁͅЁѼѡ͕̰)ЁӊéЁ݅́́ݕхɝѕ)5ɭѥѕ́Ѽͥٔ)ͻeЁٔѼԁЁɥа)ѡٕͅЁɕѥ)ѕȁ٥ͥѽȁɥЁѡܰ͡)ݡɸɽ́ѡЁ