Exhibition News May 2017 - Page 59

COLUMN FEATURES Thorns Julian Agostini Julian Agostini, Mash Media MD, discusses the evolution of creativity of a brand, in order to stay ahead of the game A lasting impression I t was with much chagrin that I finally conceded to move on from my beloved purple that has signified Mash Media over the last two decades. But, when I was finally persuaded by my excellent design team and the rest of the company, it was like a light had just switched on. I got it. As we know, building a brand takes time and effort, and our intention had been to use a colour in order to help us punch above our weight. By making us synonymous with purple, the hope was that wherever the industry saw purple in their everyday lives, their minds would automatically flick (even momentarily) to Mash. This obviously makes us much bigger than we really are, subconsciously at least, we are everywhere. Well, not quite, but you get what I mean. Branding can do that; very powerful. However a brand, like a business, must evolve and that’s why it was time for us to change. We stand for more now. We represent different ideas, even though we still have our core values. This is why I don’t really get tattoos, which every new young recruit seems to have these days. If I’m allowed into the interview process, I always ask about this body art, mainly because I don’t get it. Then again, I am a grumpy old man. We now live in the tattooed generation but I can’t help thinking that there’s going F&RvgVBb&Vw&WBvV67F'G2Fw&RBgV7F2VV@GFVFr( 2rvBvFB6VWfPFV6VRFRFW"F6VVǒ6BFRFBB62FW'&&Rv6B2vV&RFVB( 2VFPgV'WB&VǓN( 2FRW&VBGW&RbFGFFBW2B6Fff7VBf"BvG0ƖRRFVFW'7FBG2&W6V6R0&WBFVfrFRvV&W"gFW"6( BCWBr6R&6R"vP76&ǒFVfRbW37W&VǒvR7FBf"&SFW6R&w2&R7FFVVG2( 0gFW"N( 2W"'&BvR&RvV&r7&VFrखגFBv2B6'G2vFW76vRN( 2BbFWF26Pv2B6W'FǒW76vRv0vV&rBRvVB&R'Fgrp( 7W&RFN( 2vBF( BvWB&WBFpBRW&VFǒ&V6W6RvVvR6vRFGF&Vf2F&P'W6W72FvWBFvVBfPFVvBआvWfW"'6G&7B( VFRf@b&BbWRWW( 2( fPWfVv&Bח6VbגWF&VV&W"F6RF2bVBWp&F72vV’ऒFvVVVǒFB2vB66VGVFrFRf6^( 27Bf'&@fVGW&W2&WGFW"Fv76W2vv62vBvV"r6VF( BvW@vvFWWrb6W'6R'W@7G&vR6( BBFBFRs2B2vFWR6FrB6W&VB"&VBFRFVbV7GW&6pvVBfR&VV&F7VVBBWBBW2r&VǒBW2( 26( BF@vBv^( &R6rvFB`&GF&VCvR&R666W2b'&FpBvWFW"R'W"BvR&RFRvRf WRRVFW"fR FR&֗FR"R&P6V7&WFǒ"W&2Vǒ&VBbFRf7BFBR&P&fVBv666RP&R6'F6Fr( 2vF6vR6( BVW'6VfW3'&B2fW'vW&gVvbFVƗfW&rW76vRBvRf&Ц2&V6W6RbrBW2W2fVVॖWBBW7BVW6RvFFRFW2धW7BFFV"FBf6&WFW VvW"2vRWBb'W6W73vW&gV'&Bf"V'2'W@FWfBbWfWFvBFBB7F@f"&SBB&VVfW'FV'FRƖW2b&'2Bv7FW2@v2f"vBf"&WGFW"&6RVFW ֖6Ɩ"V6ƖWfVG2&Rf&WfW"Wffr@&W7FrFvBFR&WBvG2 VVG2FW&R&R7V'FRFW7FVG2V V"'WBW"'&BW7B7FV@bFR7W'fRF&W&W6VBWfW'FpRvBF&V6SBV6W76&ǐvBR&R&VGFW'v6RN( 2W7@FGFFBWfVGVǒ&FR@WfW'RV6RvvWB&&VBbW&FWw26V#pS