Exhibition News May 2017 - Page 50

COLUMN Marketing Matters Roopi Woodall, marketing manager at the QEII Centre, asks if the art of conversation on social media is dead – and how to engage with audiences if that’s the case Show or tell? I 50 ’m putting together QEII’s content marketing strategy for next year. Doing a little audit of QEII’s social channels and it got me thinking about Twitter. Specifi cally, is it time to ditch it? I’ve spoken to many of my venue industry colleagues and we all share the opinion that Twitter is on the way out. But why? The general consensus seems to be that we are just not engaging with our audiences. Gone are the days of the extensive likes and retweets, now getting any level of engagement is much tougher than it used to be. So, what’s gone wrong? Why aren’t our followers engaging with us? Why don’t they seem to care about the launch of our new menus or pictures of our cool events? I often feel that, as B2B venues, we are shouting into the void, desperately trying to share and having very little traction with content that previously generated interest. We’re talking, but nobody is listening – why is that, when we’re saying exactly what we used to say? On the other hand, my personal account is steadily gaining followers and my Klout score is doing very well thank you, so what’s the difference? In a nutshell, we’ve stopped listening. Twitter is a two-way street. People don’t listen to you if you don’t actively listen to them. We’ve gone from having conversations with our followers to just shouting at them. ‘Read this blog!’, ‘Look at this picture!’, ‘Check my content!’. We have become the social media equivalent of that irritating friend that everyone has had at one point or another, who waits for a gap in the conversation so that they can talk about themselves, again. Ultimately, social is about relationships, and relationships need nurturing. This is easier to do as the marketing manager of a venue, but much harder as a venue voice. Who is following us? Using a nifty analytics tool, I’ve identifi ed that it is mostly suppliers and other venues, as well as event Twitter accounts that are only really operational in the run-up ˜[]YZ Y][ [ܝ B]YY[Hو][[\]QRRHX[B[[YH] ]H][YX[H[Y[Y[‘[Y[Y[\۸&]\X]Y8$[H[\]H[Z[H[[[ۘ[XX[ۈB\\]]YY[KH[[H]8&Zx&B[H[[H[Y[ۈ\˂][[ܙH[] H[[H\ۈZ\ۈ[YKX]\H]8&\[؛Y][ۈوZ\؜˂]8&\^HY\YO”[HHQRRH[HKX[Y[ M HY\YH\[[Y[[HY[X][[\\[ۜˈ]H]B[\]H[[ H\]][JBX]H[\[[x&\HYH[BXK]][[\۸&][Y]H][[^HYH]܈^\Y[H] \H[HH[]\[و\XYYHH[YHقX^H M^X][ۛ]˘˝Zœ[]\[[[x&]HY™H\^\و[[\ܞKݙ\H\YX\QRRx&\\H\B][ X\H]\ ][[8&]YBH8&K\H\X[Y[[ۊH]HY[]HܙHو\X\][]YKB]HX][H[ݙY\[][˜Y[[][[\^\Y[H\[\܈[\[\]H\B[ܙH[HY][ۘ[ۙ\[H[YHB][ۈ\ۈܙX]]H][[\X\ˈH[\]YY[\^\Y[BHܙHY\YK[Y^H[&]][HXHYH][[\X]][H[\\^K]\XYH[ܙX\[HX\YB]H[\Y[[[܈\\[\\H\X[ Y\H]HH[Y[[]\X[]HZ\XK][[]X[Y\]\[\ۘ[[[Z[H[\X[ۜ˜\HXH[Yܘ[K[\\[X\’[Yܘ[HۈZ\ۙ\[H]ZX˜]\\[Y\܈[Y[Y[]\\ܛYZ\QYY]YHوܚ\ˈ[˂HX\H[[HX\ܞH[]\BXK]\ZH܈H[Y[]BX[H[ H\H][[XY\š]HݚYYHX[وZXH۝[܂\[Yܘ[HYY[[XY\ܛ™\]HH[Z[H\[ۈ܂H۝[]H\H[˂[Y[[K\[Yܘ[H]YY[H\›[HXYHو\\]ܛ\[ZB\]\]YY[K]QRRKH[Y]HۙH[B[YHو[[H\X[ܞH]x&]B[Yܘ]Y[[Yܘ[HYY[\]X]H[H]H][\XYB[[]\YYۈHY[[[\Y\[[Yܘ[HYY Xܙ[Y[\H]\YH][[ۈ[\™[[H LXۙZYXۙœ[HHY[وX\ۙ\ˈH]B][\[YH[HܞH[HYYܙK]8&\^H]]X\\