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Match made in heaven EN sits down with Pitch and Match CEO Robert Bol, to learn how online matchmaking can enhance live events T he relationship between tech and live events has become increasingly close in recent years. Tech ranging from simple apps to comprehensive event websites has become a mainstay of exhibitions all around the world. Robert Bol, CEO of Pitch and Match, says that event tech should extend far beyond the day of an event, providing seamless year-round support for event organisers. Bol catches up with EN to discuss the company’s technology, and the ways in which it could complement the live event experience for business visitors. 46 Tell us about Pitch and Match Pitch and Match is a business matchmaking app for live and online events. We connect participants and allow event organisers to deliver what their attendees really want: the content they need and the connections they value. To ensure that the time visitors spend at live event is worthwhile, participants can profi le, match, interact, pre-schedule meetings and conferences sessions. It all ends up in their personal event schedule. Online business matchmaking events become popular because they are eff ective, cheap and they complement live events. Participants pre-schedule and hold video calls. It only takes one click to start a high- quality video call. There’s no disconnect. The participant stays in the browser. The event organiser decides how each participant can engage and use their personal event schedule. Before participants get access the organiser automatically grants (or sells) each group specifi c privileges and limitations. What kind of feedback have you had from users? Our customers have told us that Pitch and Match has become a fundamental part of their event experience, and that matchmaking and meetings and key reasons for their participants to attend. What sets you apart from the competition? Pitch and Match is the fi rst business matchmaking app in the world that integrates a video call feature into the app itself. Is the technology easy to use? Pitch and Match is a browser app. It can run on a desktop or tablet and participants can also check out their event schedule on their smartphone. From the perspective of event organisers, they can set up Pitch and Match in less than 30 minutes. They can also use our WordPress plugin and API to integrate seamlessly into their existing online community, event website and registration fl ow. Is online business matchmaking a threat to live events? Online events are here to stay and, rather than it being a threat, event organisers can actually benefi t from it. People attend online business matchmaking events because it has become commonplace to conduct business through personal video calls. It enables them to reach out to the world in less time, at a lower cost. Feedback from event organisers shows it works for them as well. To grow their business year round, many business community managers and event organisers have already embraced online events. In doing so they have been able to reach new audiences and maintain strong relationships with existing ones. They’ve increased their global reach, because obvious there’s no restriction on attendees when it comes to live online events, and location doesn’t matter. When correctly used and timed, online events boost attendance at live events. They add value to the live face-to-face experience. Online events can also help organisers generate extra income year round. EN London’s smartest venue Book your next event with us: T: +44(0)207 666 8470 F: +44(0)207 666 8588 E: H5623-SB@accor.com www.ilecconferencecentre.co.uk EXHIBITION ILEC Conf News Jan14 AW.indd 1 May 2017 | exhibitionnews.co.uk BANQUET CONFERENCE ILEC CONFERENCE CENTRE 47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD 11/12/2013 14:53