EXHIBITION NEWS May 2017 - Page 41

1. Less is defi nitely more A common mistake we often come across is an excess of signage when it isn’t strictly needed, and which only serves to complicate an area or create avoidable confusion. Signs should only be used when there is a clear need for information. In this way, physical and visual clutter is minimised, which in turn will enhance the visibility of necessary signage, and also improve the overall legibility of the space at the same time. Fewer signs also means lower costs to both manufacture, install and maintain. Four golden rules of wayfinding Simon Lee, associate director at Maynard Design, shares his four top tips for successful wayfi nding 2. The importance of landmarks Human navigation and orientation makes use of memorable landmarks or distinctive features within the built environment. These often form the anchor points for decision-making. Consider making use of existing architectural fe atures, or introducing temporary landmarks if these don’t exist, to better defi ne spaces that may otherwise be diffi cult to distinguish. 4. Human interaction is irreplaceable Regardless of how well thought- out your wayfi nding strategy is, there will always be a need for friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff. They are the public face of the venue and event, and often the fi rst port of call for customers who require assistance. It’s vital that customer-facing staff are properly trained and provided with the right tools and support to enable them to carry out their jobs effectively. signage 3. Each visitor and their expectations are unique A good wayfi nding strategy shouldn’t just focus on getting visitors quickly from A to B. Some visitors might not want or need to know precisely where they are all the time. In fact, they may be seeking the sense of unguided exploration and the serendipitous discoveries they make along the way. For these visitors, it’s important to retain a sense of intrigue. Give people different methods of accessing the information that best suits their needs. THE NAME IN EVENT HIRE CW Plant Hire.indd 2 19/08/2016 15:19 exhibitionnews.co.uk | May 2017 41