Exhibition News May 2017 - Page 31

THE NEXT GENERATION Left: Students attending a session at a Media 10 show. Right: Student volunteers at CHS When it comes to students, all the organisers who spoke to EN agree that engagement is a two-way street. If organisers are going to spend time and money supporting students, then students should be willing to put in the time. “I don’t think they derive a whole heap of value from wafting around, grabbing a muffi n,” says Agostini. “Everyone’s interests are best served by working more closely with the educational establishments. You’ve got to go into a show with clear objectives, with an agenda and a plan for yourself.” Before the show, adds Garnett, it’s worth engaging with tutors to fi nd out what they’re coming for. “There are some colleges and tutors – and this is a minority – who just see it as a day out,” he explains. “That’s not the right kind of college for us. We want tutors who are going to spend the time with their students and make sure they’re learning from the sh