Exhibition News May 2017 - Page 17

Marketing Event profs ranked their most effective marketing channels 29% Email 24% Free Social Media 16% Referrals/Word of Mouth 8% Direct Mail 6% Paid Social Media 4% Content/Inbound Marketing 4% Partnerships 2% PR/Media & Infl uencer Relations 1% Offl ine Ads/Flyers Each year the Pulse Report fi nds that organisers are most likely to increase their budgets year-on-year, and once again this was found to be true, with the average marketing budget per event rising 13 per cent from £4,338 to £4,914 (excluding those who spent nothing). However the number of organisers that spent nothing on marketing also increased, up to 23 per cent from 19 per cent the previous year. Email is seen as the most effective marketing channel by organisers for the third year in a row, the report reveals. Paid social media saw the most marked increase in usage and effectiveness, jumping by 100 per cent year-on-year from three to six per cent, refl ecting the need to ‘pay to play’ when getting your message across on the major so cial networks now. Webinars were voted the least effective marketing tactic, while SEO and listings rounded out the bottom three least effective tactics for event organisers. Online display advertising moved up one place this year, out of the bottom three, with listings taking its place. In terms of where organisers are looking to invest more time (or money), social media remains the most popular channel, with 65 per cent planning on using it more again in 2017, though this is down slightly on the previous year. 1% Adwords/PPC 1% Display Ads 1% Listings More fl exibility on attrition/ slippage 9% 1% SEO <1% Webinars Faster response times/better customer service 26% Other 13% Choosing venues Overall, the top three most important factors when choosing a venue for organisers were cost (70 per cent), location (68 per cent,) and fl exibility of space (57 per cent). The least important factors were accreditation, being recommended by a trusted source and uniqueness. What professional organisers cared most about was fl exibility of space, with 72 per cent saying it was very important to their decision making. As seen in the diagram to the right, faster response times from venues was the most More on site staff sought after improvement from all organisers, 11% followed by free Wi-Fi and more fl exible payment terms, which are the same three main asks from organisers last year. For more information and to see the full report, visit eventbrite.co.uk. 2016 Q4 More fl exible payment terms 16% Free Wi-Fi 25% exhibitionnews.co.uk | May 2017 17