Exhibition News March 2019 - Page 75

Outside the Box Building trust Fiona Taylor, operations and marketing manager at Willow Group, on telling the Trustpilot brand story throughout 2018 Tell us about the feature This feature showcases a series of stands we have designed and built for Trustpilot over the past year. We worked closely with Trustpilot to ensure that the branding of the company aligned with the stand design to convey the objectives and messages they wanted to share at each exhibition. What was the process of creating it? We worked closely with Trustpilot throughout the process of creating our proposal for the brand. The main objective was to create a core design with variations that could be placed on numerous different stand spaces. With Trustpilot taking a range of different stand spaces at various exhibitions we needed something that would work for every hall, venue, and space. With build up times ranging from one day upwards we needed to ensure that the same quality of stand could be achieved within the time frames. Our solution was a clean-looking design that worked within industry specifications and was easy to manage and replicate. Specifications such as graphic messages, furniture, and decorations all played a part in the overall concept. Although we created a portfolio of stands for Trustpilot to implement at shows, we understood that there would still be a high level of project management needed with each stand. The project management team worked to ensure each stand, although from the same design portfolio, was its own unique visitor experience. Alterations such as different numbers of demonstration points and alternative messages to visitors were made for each show to ensure that Trustpilot’s show specific objectives were achieved. Why do you consider it special? We consider this series of stands special to us because it was a chance for us to work with Trustpilot to help create a more unified look when it came to their exhibitions. The portfolio of designs and solutions we created allows them to choose a space based on what they required for each show. The designs that we created can be implemented at any show, bringing the company together under one unified concept for their exhibitions. EN The Name in EVENT HIRE 0800 458 5701 eventhire@cwplant.co.uk Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd March — 75