Exhibition News March 2019 - Page 34

Feature Beyond Brexit At the latest EN Roundtable, held at the Victory Services Club, event professionals from across the industry gather to discuss the potential implications of Britain’s exit from the EU 34 — March W ith less than a month to go until Britain’s scheduled exit date from the EU on 29 March, there is still a vast amount of uncertainty around what the procedure will look like for businesses. For the UK events industry, which is so interlinked with Europe and so reliant on effective logistics, manpower from the hospitality sector, and the financial confidence of its customers, finding answers to key questions is becoming ever more urgent. For the latest in its series of roundtable discussion, EN gathers exhibition industry professionals from across the organiser, venue, supplier and association spectrum to discover their key concerns ahead of the UK’s historic split with the European Union. First up, Mark Bristoll, sales director at CEVA Showfreight, gives his perspective as a logistics contractor. “The big thing for us is customs,” he says. “We’ve got pages and pages of research documents, but for me the issue is that no one knows. It could be business as usual or it could be falling off a cliff. We’re anticipating things like Calais-Dover to be extremely busy and chaotic and so we’re looking at providing flexibility.” Adam Aston, chief business officer at Creative Hire: “For me, it’s the knock- on effect; all these things will have a knock-on effect on every service. It’s about contemplating whether venues and organisers have this area in which they may accommodate the delays that might occur.” Paul Brady, sales & marketing executive at CEVA Showfreight: “Across the board everyone needs to have in the back of their mind the need to have a contingency,