Exhibition News March 2019 - Page 15

International “The pillars of content, networking, business and experience are in everything that we do.” But creating that level of integration and standardisation has been no easy task, and it’s one that has required an epic migration of the global products onto Salesforce and the automated email marketing service, Pardot. “What that gives you is greater insight into what customers are doing, what they’re interested in and what they’re buying,” continues Reid. “If we run a campaign from one of our American shows and they email their visitors saying, ‘I’ve got a show in Europe’, then when people then land on the European website you know that they’ve come from the American data set. “When all that data is held separately you don’t know that a particular person from the California electricity authority, for example, has gone to 10 of your events globally. Now we know that we can market to them in a different way.” Tom Fisher, marketing director – energy, adds that standardisation is of huge importance even when sending out something like a post-show survey. “If on one post-event survey it says, ‘on a scale of one to 10 how happy were you with the show?’ and on another you’ve said, ‘would you rate yourself as being very happy, happy etc.’ it’s the same question asked two different ways, but the answers won’t fit together,” he explains. “It’s common sense to most people, but you need to work on standardising what you’re asking people.” Another reason to make it easy to compare and contrast events across a portfolio is in looking for ways to improve. “Clarion puts a lot of emphasis on the Net Promoter Score,” says Reid. “We look at lots of benchmarking metrics, but the Net Promoter Score is a key one for us. We’re always looking to improve. The industry average for Net Promoter Score is minus 17, but we’re looking to make sure that we’re positive on every event that Clarion does, not just in Clarion Energy but across all the shows we do, and that we buy. “The benefit of having a portfolio is that some people are waiting 12 months to try out the second edition of their idea to see if they can improve it, but every single month we can be refining different ideas.” Reid and Fisher are keen to point out that, while many of the systems used are becoming standardised, the events themselves have retained their own look, feel, identity and relationship with their market. “Each market is different, but they’re all about bringing buyers and sellers together and making sure that they do business,” says Reid. “One of the things we do to help make that happen is having great content at the show, and then networking and matchmaking around the event. Those pillars of content, networking, business and experience are in everything that we do. While the months following the acquisition were all about evolving the global portfolio, the coming year will see that effort coming to fruition. “2018 was all about bringing the Power & Energy brand together,” concludes Reid. “2019 will be when we start to see results.” EN March — 15