Exhibition News June 2018 - Page 60

PEOPLE MOVES 2 MINUTES WITH... Johanna Byrane, head of business development, Twickenham MOVERS & SHAKERS 1 How did you get into the event industry? I was working in travel and airlines for many years and when an opportunity arose at a venue I loved, I went for it. This was Twickenham Stadium back in 2001! Favourite thing about events? Sounds corny but providing memorable moments for guests and delegates, and exceeding all expectations. Sending them home at the end of an event with an experience they share with their families or colleagues. 60 What do you think you can bring to the new role? A fresh overview of what ‘good’ looks like, having worked with clients who have the highest standards. This begins from the marketing, all the way through the sales process and delivery. Working with the team on innovative and fun offerings, and the experience of selling event space that has multi-purpose, and all the challenges that come with that. 2 3 4 Biggest frustration? Poor service levels. Best piece of advice? Choose your battles. Very useful as a parent but can be used at work. Letting some things go that may frustrate you or a team member and focussing on the positive or next opportunity. Dream job? Anything based near the sea where it is warm all year round. I hate the cold! At EN HQ, we take our coffee very seriously - how do you take your coffee? Americano, skimmed hot milk. Always. EN June 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk Emily Hopkins has been promoted from senior marketing executive to marketing manager at MCM Comic Con. David Quigley joins Experience from Lodestar as a production manager. This news continues a period of growth for the south- London agency, following on from the appointment in late 2017 of James Brine (2) to head up new business. Rachel Axford has joined creative events and incentive agency, Penguins, as a project manager within the events team. What have you done in the first month in the job? I’ve reviewed how our team are working together, that’s both the business development and on site sales teams; ensuring we are looking after our valued key clients as well as identifying potential new ones. The journey should be seamless and professional and not in any way fragmented. How do you intend to face the challenges in the industry? I think the biggest challenge is ensuring that we are better than our competition. With so many amazing venues to choose from we have to ensure what we offer will ensure that clients return. It doesn’t have to be price-driven so it’s crucial we understand what is important to the client and ensure we deliver their objective. Annalisa Holmes (1) joins drp as the new account director for automotive giant Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). In the role, she will help supercharge the organisation’s internal and external communications strategies as part of the wider account team 5 Business Design Centre has announced that Kate Simpson (3) has been appointed to the BDC Board as marketing director. Simpson joined the company in 2007 as a project coordinator before becoming conference manager and in 2016 she was appointed head of conferences & digital. Matthew Wall (4), formerly EMEA vice president, operations at BCD M&E, has joined Upstage, the London and New York-b ͕Ё)́ɕѥٔȸ)% Q4Ёɝ͕)IQɅٕᡥѥ̰)չѡЁЁ́ѕ)M!Ԥ́љ)ɕѽ