Exhibition News June 2018 - Page 58

ALTERNATIVE VENUE A venue that computes EN explores a tech-savvy event space in the heart of London 58 Tell us a bit about the history of CodeNode Spacious, vibrant and different, CodeNode launched in August 2015 and is one of UK’s largest venues dedicated to technology events offering a range of fl exible packages from small groups to large conferences for up to 400 attendees. CodeNode provides fantastic meetup, conference, training and collaboration space all suited around a large breakout area with ping-pong tables, bar area, and an array of soft seating to relax and network around. CodeNode is operated by Skills Matter - a community of software developers with a passion for tackling complex challenges. Our mission is to help drive innovation in software engineering by bringing smart and creative developers together to learn and share new skills, discover emerging technologies and evolve practices and ideas. And what better place to gather these 130,000+ members than in our own tech venue? With great transportation links, CodeNode has been praised by clients for offering a relaxed and buzzing atmosphere in the hustle and bustle of London’s Tech City, located equidistant between Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations. We are passionate about building CodeNode as the venue hub of London’s events and creating a fresh vision for our client’s events. What kind of events does the venue host? With 23,000 square feet to play within the heart of London, CodeNode hosts thousands June 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk of events each year. Depending on the needs and scale of your events, with highlights including top-notch audio- visual equipment, fast WiFi and an in-house team, this unique space is suitable for different types of events - from small scale meetups and workshops to multi-track conferences, product launches, team buildings events, hackathons or exhibitions. With this spacious and vibrant venue, CodeNode can be the creative platform for you. We have been hosting various scales of eve ™܈\[Y\X\PKH[B[Yܘ\ ]\Hٙ\[܈^X][ۈܙ[\\‘]\H[[HZ[܋[XYHZ][]YX[\]Z\[Y[[H[\\\Y][\][[H[YH[]\ٙ\[ۘ[][[[Z\HU\X\X[KHX[H\[ܙH[ LYX\ق^\Y[H[][ۈX\ٝ[][[]HY[ܚ[]][\Hܙ[\][ۜ˜Xܛ\[\[\Y\[\[\Xܜ˂Hٙ\\\\ܝ[X[]Y\™^\Y[H܈][ܙ[\\ˈ\XZ[]Y]ܚ][H8$8$X]\\X][܈\ ][Y\[\\]Z\Y]\BXYH\XKYHܙY[]Y \XœڙX[ۈ[]Y[\]Z\Y[ H[ٙ\HHY][ۘ[XZ]\œ\\[\]YH K ]X\HY]T\B]ܚ[^X][ۋ؜XZ[]\XH[\X[\[HX[YXX\_K\H\H[HوXܘ][ۈX\[[\Z[Y[\X\܈[\Y\X\]ܚ[Xܘ]H]\]\HTوH[YO•HYH\[\ۈH[]YX[\Y\ܝH]H]\H][ܙ[\Y]SKHXYH][X[Y\[HYX]YXZ[\H[\][[œ[HH\H\ HۛH[\][ ]Hܚ][HZYH[Y\H[Hۈ]\[XZ\U[[[[ۜܜ\ \X[[ܙK\][\\[[[Hۈ]H\\Y][\][ HܙY][][Y\˜[XX[Y\]HX\[ۈ\XKœݚY[\X[ۜ]SK\[œY\Y[]XX\_K\[\\[\[\ܝ \H\X\[H[YY[[\[˂\\H[][^][Z[\][B[YY[\][\HܙX]Y܈[H[“X]\&\[][]K]\H]HZ[B][X\[KX\[[\[[˜[Y]X[]H۝[ۈ][Y\X]ݙ\H\[[XBۙ\[\YY]\X]ۜ[ܚ]\HYX\\Y[X\[YY] ]\ܛ\[\H\]]YX\[ۛYHۈH\ X[ BZ[[[HXHX܋\ܚ\\YY]\[ۙ\[\›ٝ[X]\HXY[[\[\[\B[ٝ[XX[ܙX]ܜوHXY\˜ݙ\Y S