Exhibition News June 2018 - Page 5

EDITOR’S LETTER CHANGE IN THE AIR A s an industry, it’s fair to say we’re sometimes wary of change, and there’s been a lot of it about recently. Whether it’s a shiny new piece of tech that will ‘revolutionise your event’, or a ‘game-changing’ new approach, it can be hard to separate the truly remarkable from the fl ashy but unnecessary. But, sometimes embracing change can pay dividends. Our cover feature this month (p20) charts the meteoric growth of Clarion Events, as told by CEO Russell Wilcox, who joined the company right at the beginning of its private equity journey. Being adaptable and fl exible, says Wilcox, is key to the organiser’s success. Elsewhere, we learn more about Confex Future Focus, the latest launch from Mash Media, which aims to foreground everything new, innovative and disruptive in the industry. While last month’s issue focused on the fast-approaching deadline for GDPR – and the fl urry of emails is reaching peak intensity as I write this – in this issue we take a look at two more hot button topics: recycling plastic cups and the potential value (or not) of Blockchain. While it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between a true ‘game- changer’ and a fl ash in the pan, I’m sure that, as always, the exhibition industry will prove to be more than up to the task. If not...at least the GDPR emails will have stopped. 5 Enjoy the issue, NICOLA MACDONALD, EDITOR nmacdonald@mashmedia.net exhibitionnews.co.uk | June 2018