Exhibition News June 2018 - Page 28

FEATURE Recycle, reuse or discard? The case of the event coffee cup Nigel Markey, managing director of Markey Ltd, takes a realistic look at the thorny issue of recycling event cups M 28 ore exhibition and conference waste is being recycled, reused and downcycled than ever before, while technology is driving energy and time effi ciencies with everything from LED lighting to logistics software. Our industry is perhaps the greenest it has ever been. As a supplier of espresso and juice bars to the event industry, we use a huge number of disposable paper cups every week, serving coffee to audiences all over the world. Across the entire event industry, we discard billions of disposable cups every year, where almost all of them end up incinerated or buried as landfi ll. In the UK alone, 100 million cups will be discarded into general waste in 2018. We use paper cups made from recycled paper, and offer recyclable cups too. The reality is, however, in spite of the “recyclable” logo and any amount of green credentials, the cups all end up in waste bins along with the rest of the general litter. There are only three facilities processing and recycling plastic lined paper cups. The cups must be separated from all other waste, so every event visitor has discard their cup into the designated bins, and that the bins mustn’t contain any other waste. Hands up if you think that’s plausible? So, can we switch to reusable cups and mugs? How is that going to work? The fi gures show that reusable cups quickly exceed the manufacturing and transport effi ciencies of paper cups after only a few reuses, so the sustainability case for reusables is June 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk unquestionable. But reusables ɕ䁽)ՍѽȁȁѡȁՍ̃L͕ȁ䵥)Qݽɱ́ѽѼ̃ͅL)ݗeɔͭѼ)ѡȁ٥ȸ]ٕ役Ѽ)Ѽѡȁ͔Ёѕ)ѽͥЁѡɕЁѕȁ)䁽́́ͅ)՝ѕѡٕɹаЁݡݗeɔ)͕٥х䁍́Ѽɕ)ѕ́ݗeѡ́她иMݥэ)Ѽɕ́ͅݽձɕեɔ́Ѽ)ͥЁٕѵ́她ѡ)ѡ͕ٕ̰ѡɽ٥ѡͅ)݅͡ѥ̸)%ݽɱٕ٥ͥѽȁݽձɥ)ѡȁݸͽɅ՜Qɔݽձ)݅єѡ՝́ѡ͕ٕ́ݽձ)ȁ̰ݡѡ䁑ɕ)ѡѡȁѡɅ)Ѽ䰁ɕѼ՝́)Mѕ́ɔЁѕɕ危)ɕ͕չɕ́ѥ́ɔ)ѡ䁹ɕ危ЁMѕ́)́ɔѼɅаЁٕ)ɕͅ䰁ٕɕ͔Ց́ѡٕɅ)䁅х䁙ɕ́9)ٕ役ݕٕȰ́ɥЁ)ɽххȸ)Aѥ̰͔͕Ѽѕ)ɕͅ䁅ɕ危䰁ٔѡ)مхѡЁѡeɔЁչͅЁѼ)ɥɽѡ䁥ձєݕͥ)Ʌȁɭѥɽѥ)ݥѠѕѡ䁅ɔ٥ȁѡͅ)̰ЁݥѠٕɕ͔ѡ)х䁙ɕ́ɽٔ) Ё͕ͬLɔᡥѥ٥ͥѽ)ɕ䁝Ѽɥѡȁͽ՜ݥѠ)ѡѼٕ䁕ٕ%ݔٕЁɅ)ɕ̰ͅ܁䁽ѡݥՅ)ɕ͕ɕͼ́ݥݥѠ)ѡȁѥɕͅѡ̰ݡ͕ѡ́)ѽєѡȀՍ̸)Qɕ䁥́ѡЁɕ́ͅݥݽɬ)ͽɍյх̰ͥѥم̰)ݽeЁЁݥѠՍՍ́Ёɕ̸) ɕ̸ͅͅͻeЁͥ)Úݔ́䰁ɥЁ)͕٥ͥѽȁ٥Ȱ)ѡЁݥѠхɑ͕ͥѕЁѥ)͕Ʌѥɕ危ɽ́ѡӊéѡ)ͅЁٕ䁕ٕа$ѡ́ͅɔ)ɔѼх)]ӊéչѥՍѥ́ѡ)ݡ䁅ѡݽɱЁɝ)ݥэ́Ѽɕ̰́ͅѡѕ)хɅѥɕ)ѡЁɕ́ݸѼͅչ́ݥѡ)̸QẽaɅdͽѥ́ͥ)eЁɕݸե䁽ȁ䁕՝)ѼՅ䁅́aхdѕх)啅́ȁٕ́Ѽձ䁑͔)Qɔɔͽɽͥɽѽ́)ѡɔՑѕѥɕ)Ʌ݅ѕȁѱ%ЁЁ䁉)Ѽե́Ёѡа)ٕѡյȁ͕ٕ́ͅ)啅Ȁѡɕ݅ɑ́ȁͽ٥ѡ́ɽɔ)Ѽͅ)'eɕ䁍аհѡЁѡ)хѥɕ́ͅ)ɽչѡɹȸ