Exhibition News June 2018 - Page 12

AGENDA Future leaders EN meets the four winners of UFI’s Next Generation Leadership Grant, and asks what they think are the biggest issues affecting the global industry in 2018 12 Lilian Burgardt, head of digital products for Brazil, Informa Glen Foulstone, senior project manager, design and build EMEA, GES Why did you apply for the Grant? To have the opportunity to learn and share knowledge with mentors, leaders and colleagues around the globe. I also applied to have the opportunity to present to our industry leaders a digital strategy being developed by my digital team in Brazil. We believe it can change the market and influence buyers around the globe, transforming a trade show into a 360 degree multiplatform that connects buyers and sellers. Why did you apply for the Grant? Speaking openly and honestly, my wider knowledge of the industry as a whole was lacking and I saw the NGL grant as a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge. The chance to speak at the UFI Global Congress is also an amazing opportunity that very few people get the chance to do. Although, I have to admit, I’m really not a fan of public speaking and will be totally out of my comfort zone, but life’s all about challenges, right? Why are initiatives like the NGL Grant important? Initiatives like NGL allow the talents inside the exhibitions industry to show what they are creating all over the world. It’s inspiring professionals to develop solutions for not only their trade show, but also the whole industry. It’s also a great opportunity to show the global leaderships what can be done to change this market, leading it to the future. What is the biggest issue affecting the industry in 2018? I think one of our challenges is to keep our industry relevant for future buyers. People aged 18-30 are the next generation of buyers, that are much more interested in new ways of experimenting and learning about a product, rather than simply seeing it during an event. June 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk Why are initiatives like the NGL Grant important? Such initiatives, as well as promoting young talent, more importantly allow the next generation to bring their ideas to the table and voice any relevant concerns they have for the future of the industry. What is the biggest issue affecting the industry in 2018? As with any industry, attracting talent is key to our future success. The exhibition industry is not particularly well known by those operating outside of it. Many, including myself, fell upon it by chance. Very few went out actively seeking work within the industry due to its reputation and it is this what must change to ensure a sustainable future. Maria Tsedeviyn, head of advertising, design and internet division, marketing, advertising and PR department, Expoforum- International Why did you apply for the Grant? Last year I visited the 84th Global Congress in Johannesburg and I was very impressed with the presentation of NLG grantees! This year, Expoforum hosts 85th Global Congress, hence my decision to apply for the NGL2018 was both natural and ambitious. The Grant gives us the opportunity to speak up, to declare to the global audience our vision, ideas, thoughts and perspectives. Why are initiatives like the NGL Grant important? Our exhibition industry is not the fastest adaptor of the new technologies and knowledge. Our NGL project could be some sort of facilitator and voice of the younger generation working in the industry. What is the biggest issue affecting the industry in 2018 )ɽЁ٥ܰѡ)ЁՔ́Ё)х̃Lɝ͕̰ٕՕ̰)ѕ̰ᡥѽ̸ѡ)͕ȁѡ䁥́Ѽ)ѡɕ͕ѕȁ)مՔѼѡͥ́ͽ)5Ʌ5ѥљ)ɕѽȰٕ̰ɕ͠)5ѝ)]䁑ԁ䁙ȁѡɅ)'eѼɽ)ɥ齹̰ݱݽɬ)ݥѡѡ丁$Ёѡ)ɽɅݽձٔѡ)չѼͼ)]䁅ɔѥѥٕ́ѡ)90ɅЁх)$ѡѡᡥѥ́)䁥ɥ̰́Ѽ)ɽ٥፥ѥչѥ)ȁѼٕ)ɕȁѡ͕ѽȸ$)ɅЁݥ́ݔ)ѡ䁅չ)́ͅȁ)Ѽѕȁѡ͕ѽȸ$ͼ)ѡЁѡ͔չɅѼѡ)ɕѱ䁍ձɕ)ɽٕ́Ѽٕ́)䁅ѡЁӊéͥѥٔ)ѡѼɥɕ͠)́Ѽɝͅѥ́U$)Ѽ͡ѡ́Є)]Ё́ѡЁՔ)ѥѡ䁥)Q݅䁥ݡ)Lյ́)ɽͥ̃L݅Ёյ)ɵѥѡЁѡ)́ݡЁ́Յ䁄ɱ)Ʌѥ̸ͥ$ѡݔ)́䁹Ѽɥ)܁͕Ё̰ͭѕ)̰Ѽɴ́ݥѠɥѕ)ɕեɕѼхȁ͕ͥ)ѡɔ