Exhibition News June 2017 - Page 6

Contributors 6 Lee Moulson, regional head of sales, The Jockey Club Michael Gietzen, managing director, Identity Group Hellen has recently joined Circdata in order to ensure that the company and its clients are ready for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A life-long lover of horse racing, Lee worked in sales at Warwick Racecourse before moving to Cheltenham Racecourse. Michael oversees Identity’s strategic vision while also maintaining an involvement in major projects undertaken by the company. Noel started Rocket Print & Promotions in 2010 and grew the company from a £1,000 home start-up to a thriving international business. P31 P41 P42 P47 Hellen Beveridge, head of strategi 06vB6&6FFV&VWfW2B&6WB&@b&F05DrTDD"66F@fFV&GV7FWV7WFfR&F4U26W2F&V7F"Fv&F6V"66VBWV7WFfR6'0$ET5D&GV7FvW"6FWFW6vW'26VwGBƗfW6WvV&vR6֗F&GV7F6G&W"VƗ&WF旆5T%45$D26&7VFvW"'&WBvVVW2T$ĕ4rV&Ɨ6rF&V7F"GV66VvP4D5BU07V'67&F2#C#VFF&#CS"6W2#C#"&GV7F#C3 V&Ɨ6VB'6VF&Bf"R&WBW6RrV7G&VWBw7FWFW2C% RV.( 27V'67&F67B2T *3RdBWW&R *3"dB$r *33dBfWw2W&W76VB&RBV6W76&ǒF6RbFRV&Ɨ6W'2'BbF2V&Ɩ6F&R&W&GV6V@vFWBFRW&W72w&GFVW&֗76bFRV&Ɨ6W'2&FVB'V6&B&W72FBW&FWw0VR#rW&FWw26VW&FWw0vPW&FWw0W&FWw