Exhibition News June 2017 - Page 56

UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL INSPIRING “The vast space of the Rum Warehouse and all of its fantastic in-house facilities enabled us to create a totally unique setting.” Henry Stremes, Activation Manager at Heineken. “Our thanks goes to everyone at Titanic Hotel and Rum Warehouse, and our teams who were involved front of house and behind the scenes in helping us achieve a memorable conference for all of our delegates.” Steven Egan, Marketing Operations Manager at Bentley. Exciting new event space launching September 2017… West Bay - a unique, rustic, 200 capacity event space For more information, o ȁѼĀ)ȁٕѥхѕٕ)輽ܹѥхѕٕ)1%YIA==0) %QdI%=8)Q=UI%M4)]IL)!=Q0=Q!eH)a 119 %8 UM%9MLQ=UI%M4