EXHIBITION NEWS June 2017 - Page 52

COLUMN Outside the box Ed Vickery head of drpexhibition, discusses driveable, portable, and innovative exhibitions On the road A 52 t drp we have had (and are still having) the privilege of working with international company RS Components, the leading distributor of electronic, electrical & industrial components in the creation and delivery of their yearlong roadshow exhibition. The 35-tonne RS Components exhibition truck has been travelling the length and breadth of Europe giving customers and prospect clients the ultimate hands-on experience of their most innovative products. Divisions drpexhibition, drpevents, drpvideo and drpdigital worked together collaboratively to design, create and execute the most interactive, tech-filled and transportable exhibition around. The official opening of the RS Components Truck was hosted in London at the Arc Burlington Danes Academy on 19 September 2016. Using their products to create interactive activities, the truck promotes technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. In addition to client sites the truck is visiting trade exhibitions, universities, colleges, schools and community events. In total there will be 45 installations of the truck over a 12-month period, at approximately 10 different exhibitions, such as Electronica in Germany, and various other locations. With this expo RS Components wanted to put their business on the map – literally – and it is increasing their visibility in the market among people from all walks of life. The truck is enabling RS to go to their customers directly to save them the hassle of going to RS Components. The highly interactive displays and educational programme of the truck supports learning in STEM subjects and is helping to capture the engineers and customers of the future for their business. The truck was sourced and built in Holland, and the design, artwork, and digital content was all developed and produced at drp’s Midlands production facilities. The drpteam worked to create a live experience within the truck that showcases exciting technology and trends. Visitors are taken through six interactive environments: Design, Build, Maintain, Store, RS Pro and Purchase. Each zone incorporates key themes including DesignSpark, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Robotics, RS Pro, Health & Safety, Tooling, New Products and Innovation, and Raspberry Pi. The entire solution is runs on 19 Raspberry Pis, which power the whole interactive vehicle with satellite internet connection. It’s a fantastic opportunity for drp to be involved in creating such a ground-breaking experience. Technology means an awful lot to us as a business, especially when it comes to innovation and having the all the right teams working on a solution together. The result certainly proved June 2017 | exhibitionnews.co.uk how much we can achieve in a tight timescale, and without compromising the overall customer experience. With multiple lo …Ρ₯½ΉΜ½΅•ΜΡ‘”½ΑΑ½ΙΡΥΉ₯ΡδΡΌΙ•…±±δ‰”)Ι•…Ρ₯Ω”έ₯Ρ ‘½άε½Τ‘•±₯ٕȁ…Έ•α‘₯‰₯Ρ₯½ΈΈ%ΉΝΡ•…½˜΅½Ω₯Ήœ)…Ή±Υ₯ΉœΝ•Ρ́…ΉΝΡΙՍΡΥΙ•Μ°…±°ε½Τ‘…Ω”ΡΌ‘Ό‘•Ι”₯́½Α•Έ)Ρ‘”‘½½ΊѼΡ‘”ΡΙՍ¬ΈΥΙΡ‘•Ι΅½Ι”°…́₯ЁΡΙ…Ω•±ΜΡ‘”½ΥΉΡΙ䰁₯Π)₯͕́•Έ½ΈΙ½…‘Μ°΅½Ρ½Ιέ…εΜ°₯ΈΑ…Ι­ΜƒŠLΝΌ₯ӊéΉ½Π©ΥΝЁݑ•Έ₯ӊeΜ)ΝΡ½ΑΑ₯ΉœΡ‘…Ё₯Ё•Ρ́Ή½Ρ₯•ƒŠL•αΡΙ„½Ω•Ι…”…Ή₯ΉΡ•Ι•ΝЁ…Έ)‰”•Ή•Ι…Ρ••…Ν₯±δΈ)%ӊé•α₯Ρ₯Ήœ°₯ӊé‘₯™™•Ι•ΉΠ°…Ή₯Ё•Ή…‰±•ΜILΡΌΝ…ΡΥΙ…Ρ”Ρ‘•₯Θ)ΥΝΡ½΅•Ί₯ΈΡ‘•₯ȁ‰Ι…ΉΡ‘”΅½΅•ΉΠΡ‘•δΝ•”₯Π°…Ήέ…±¬₯ΈΈ