Exhibition News June 2017 - Page 51

COLUMN Julian Agostini Julian Agostini, Mash Media MD, says brand extensions don’t always succeed, but when they do they can take a brand to the next level Museum of Failures T here was an article published in The Times last month referencing the Museum of Failures. This is a real and permanent exhibition located in Sweden. Apart from being quite amusing, it is also fascinating to understand how many of the projects even got to fi rst base, let alone be launched and marketed, but we all make mistakes I guess. The majority are brand extensions and here are few for your enjoyment: • Coca Cola BlaK – a coffee fl avoured coke drink – for those that really, really want to stay awake all night. • Donald Trump: The Game – for those that don’t. • Harley Davidson’s ‘Hot Road’ perfume – I think there’s some mileage in this (pardon the pun) but surely it’s a fragrance for men. ‘Hot Road’ is not quite what we all want to smell of, although plenty do! • And, my personal favourite, Colgate’s Lasagne – yes, seriously. It’s almost an oxymoron. Yet, despite these catastrophes, there are plenty of other examples which demonstrate that brand extension is a powerful and sensible way to expand an existing busi