Exhibition News June 2017 - Page 38

SECTOR FOCUS changed dramatically and technology is the new material. We are seeing an increasing emphasis on creating modularity in structures to create brand consistency across events. Yet some of the fundamental skills remain the same, quality and detail will always be important. LR: The advent of CAD drawings and CNC machines has transformed what can be built. Previously, contractors encouraged the use of stock stand building materials. Some still do, but for those relishing a challenge, the technology is there to explore more challenging ideas. After all, once exhibitions stop being visually fascinating, their attraction will wane and we'll be left with the aesthetic desert of the shell scheme, and where’s the appeal in that? What kind of conversations do you have with clients in the lead-up to an event? 38 38 LR: It is absolutely essential that the client understands the design. The stand isn’t there to gratify the designer, it’s purpose is to promote the client and the client’s products or services, so no matter how eye-catching it may be, the stand itself plays a secondary role. Our philosophy is that visitors, perhaps familiar with previous stands by the client, should be impressed and intrigued. What will attract them to the stand, what will make them step on to it, what will make them explore, what will turn them from visitors into customers? The client should be involved and informed throughout the lead-up to the show. It’s a big investment, and not an opportunity to be squandered, so we discuss in detail their objectives, offer them the benefit of our experience, and engage them in the process of refining the design. CC: Well the lead-up to an event can be quite distressing for the client. Even though we keep our customers updated throughout the entire beginning-to-end process, our conversations at this point can often centre round their worries and concerns, and it’s our job to reassure that Equinox have got everything under control. We’re here to absorb our customers’ stress, so that they just arrive on site to be welcomed by the finished stand, exactly how they envisaged it; happy and excited to start the show. JS: Many and varied. We start with the brand; current and upcoming campaigns, and go from there working through the space and into the detail. Depending on the scope, these conversations may cover anything from content creation, logistics (product, staff and customer) to catering and customer events. We pride ourselves in delivering joined-up solutions and we think beyond the stand to ensure the client has a successful and effective event. Is there a case study you’d like to share? JS: Brightstar at this year’s Mobile World Congress is a good example of what we deliver. The client had a 500sqm double deck space and wanted to wow the audience. We used dynamic lighting combined with digital content to create an ever-changing external space. The space literally woke up every day of the show; changing colour with the rhythm of the day. LR: We are very proud of the stand we designed and built for Rosewood Pets. Rosewood had previously been working with the same stand design and build company for 10 years and decided it was time for a change. In 2016, ShowOff pitched for the contract and took the time to go into detail about the vision for revolutionising the company’s exhibition stand. Rosewood was so pleased with the stand design, build and installation that it has just awarded ShowOff with a new contract for their forthcoming exhibitions. What challenges do you face when building a stand? CC: We thrive on all the challenges that a stand build project brings. Whether that’s a late enquiry with a short timescale, a last-minute change to a brief, or making sure that the materials we use for a build are suitable for the climate they’ll be used in. JS: Time, cost and physics are the three key challenges. Ever shorter build times mean that we need to be smart in what we design and also how we manufacture and install. Budget is always stretched. A bigger budget usually doesn’t mean we have spare money to play with. All clients want to maximize their budget and stretch it as far as they can. LR: Ensuring all details large and small are handled. Planning tha [[[Y[وH[\Y[ڙXX[YY8$[܋\[[Y\H˂]\[\\XZ[™[\ۛY[[HY[O’ΈHZH\[\ۛY[[\ۜX[]B\H\[\K܈\[Z[BX]\X[H\H\HXXXH[H[ۂو\[XXYX\[]Z[XK[ MHXXY[[Z[[ۈ[HقX]\X[[X[\YXX[]\وݙ\MH\[XܛH\8$[]HS]\X\Y\\YX\H\H[Hۛ\YH][HP]\HHYH\[Y[H\ܚH]H][ݙ\HYX\›XZH\ܚ\[\ۛY[[HY[H\œXK]8&\H\\X]ܚ[š[H[Z[[X܏œ[]\HBYZQ[BH\]Z[\YێY\H\[]Bٙ\^B[H M^X][ۛ]˘˝ZΈ]8&\H[K[HYY]Y[ۙB܈H\[YK[H[X]]^B[XY]K[Z[H\Yۙ\H[YB]^x&\H[[XY]KH[ZB]\^HHX[]X[\][ۂ]\[]8&\H^HۜY\^X][ۜ\\XB\]X\KY[\\[\Yۈ]^ܙB\H[ܛH[\[H[]^][ˈ[\H]\H[YKY[\H]\H[YK[H\]BܙX]]\٘X[ۈH[[ݙ\H[]]\HY[H[HوH؈[ۙKΈH[HY][Y\ܙ]XBH\H[]HˈHܝ[]BHܙX]]Kܚ]YH\H[YY[[ܙX]HYHX[H^][™^\Y[\\Y][H[Y][Y\BZH܈ܘ[Y S