Exhibition News June 2017 - Page 19

DISRUPTIVE INFLUENCERS Completely Group never meant to be an exhibition organiser, which is why its events are breaking all the rules Words: Nicola Macdonald hen you imagine a successful exhibition, what do you see? An immense exhibition hall packed with visitors? Impressive, and hugely expensive, exhibition stands looming over the aisles? Theatres with keynote sessions that are simultaneously innovative, interesting and educational? To put it mildly, the events organised by Completely Group offer none of these things. “I don’t think anyone sees us as a threat,” laughs Dom Millar, CEO of Completely Group. “We do what we do. We don’t tread on too many toes.” Meeting at Completely Group’s Guildford headquarters, Millar tells EN more about the Completely Retail Marketplace events, a series of B2B trade shows for the commercial and retail property sector. The Marketplace events have e &VB6WFVǐw&WFRGv&BBFRTv&G2f"GvV'0'VrvR6WFVǒfW'GW&rFRG&FFW&Ff&B&VvrvFRFFWfVB#"6WFVǒw&W&Rr&W&rFV6FV fgF7F6FW"F2V"'WB֖"62FPfRFFRv&BbW&F2v6( BRRWfW FVFVBFR( ג&6w&VB27GVǒw&2FW6v( PW2( ĒW6VBFv&2FvF&WFV6W"v62f7Rf"6VRvFW2FR7G2f`FV>( f6W2B&WFV6W24FG2'W&vW'2( ФgFW"&VrFR&VGVFB( 2W7B22vfRv0&VvBvFGv2( 2֖"FFR'GVGF6W@W2v&WFV6r'W6W72g&VBvv&V@f"&W'G'&W"6f2FB֖"RB6R&WF&2v6VVFVBF&RG&vWB֖ F2f'7B7FWFFRv&Bb&WF&W'Gf7Bf'v&BF#rB6WFVǒw&W0&VB37FfbBv&2&VF֖Fǒ&WFpFW&2f"6W&6B&WF&W'G6ƖVG2vR'VrvV'6FR6VB6WFVǒ&WFv6֖"FW67&&W22( ĶBbƖR&vDfRf"6>( 6FVVB)fW"FRV'2FR60W&FWw26VVR#p