Exhibition News July 2017 - Page 8

Contributors 8 Riemy Wan, senior venue community manager, Hire Space Caroline Lissaman, head of event mangement, Ricoh Arena Trevor Punt, managing director, TBG Group Mark Clayton, managing director, InEvexco After fi ve years in the creative and music scene in China, Riemy rooted herself in London in 2013 and has since become an avid venue explorer. Caroline has had an extensive career in the events and hospitality industry spanning the last 13 years. She joined Ricoh Arena in 2009. Trevor is an experienced management executive who enjoys developing new business, concepts and markets. Passionate about the exhibition industry,. Mark has been a specialist insurance broker since 1993, and occasionally wears a bow-tie. P36 P39 P41 P43 ACTING EDITOR Nicola Macdonald SALES Sales Direc F"Fv&F$ET5D&GV7FvW"6FW&GV7F6G&W"VƗ&WF旆FW6vW'26VwGBƗfW6WvV&vR6֗FfFV&GV7FWV7WFfR&F5T%45$D26&7VFvW"'&WBvVVW2T$ĕ4rV&Ɨ6rF&V7F"GV66VvP4D5BU07V'67&F2#C#VFF&#CS"6W2#C#"&GV7F#C3 V&Ɨ6VB'6VF&Bf"R&WBW6RrV7G&VWBw7FWFW2C% RV.( 27V'67&F67B2T *3RdBWW&R *3"dB$r *33dBfWw2W&W76VB&RBV6W76&ǒF6RbFRV&Ɨ6W'2'BbF2V&Ɩ6F&R&W&GV6V@vFWBFRW&W72w&GFVW&֗76bFRV&Ɨ6W'2&FVB'V6&B&W72FBW&FWw0Vǒ#rW&FWw26VW&FWw0vPW&FWw0W&FWw0