Exhibition News July 2017 - Page 47

2 MiNUtES witH... Stuart Dorn, head of operations, The Jockey Club PEOPLE MOVES MOVERS & SHAKERS 1 How did you get into the event industry? Although I read Law at university, I always loved and competed in sport. Having completed my Masters I wanted to try and combine Law, Business and the sports arena – I was fortunate and got my first job at Brighton Racecourse in the events team. Favourite thing about events? The variety – I hate being bored (sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for). 2 3 4 Crowning moment? We were invited to tender for a staff event following a cold call, winning the contract following a presentation to the divisional MD and then delivering the event for over 5,000 people. The last film you watched? Heat, starring De Niro and Pacino (a classic favourite of mine). At EN HQ, we take our coffee very seriously - how do you take your coffee? Americano with cold milk and one sugar please! EN The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has announced the appointment of two new