Exhibition News July 2017 - Page 31

Advertisement Still engaging with your audience in exactly the same way? Every year, event organisers worldwide leave millions on the table because they just don’t “get” digital. That’s completely understandable--keeping track of digital can be baffl ing. There’s a seemingly unlimited supply of “trending” digital solutions and enticing claims, but where do you start? Keep it Simple Clarion, UBM, and LeadsCon Las Vegas, we know Dipping your toes in the digital pond is easier than you may that when segmentation is done well, increases think. Start with what you already have: the highly engaged in revenue from referrals have reached up to audience you’ve worked so hard to build. Then think like they 188%. think. Do you use Google to fi nd answers to questions? Do you spend hours looking at family photos on Facebook? Do you It’s Okay to Double-Dip take pictures of your food and post them on Instagram? Sure Your sponsors and exhibitors are counting you do, and so do your event-goers. Then after the event is on you to put their brands and products in over, they carry on with their everyday lives, so why not tag front of your audience during your event, along? but don’t stop there. Now that you’re a Today’s technology allows you to do just that. Imagine that retargeting expert, you can leverage the Mick Michaels, a potential attendee, visits your event website exact same tactics we mentioned above to and begins fi lling out a registration form, but for some reason create a new revenue stream for your he doesn’t complete it. What if you could re-engage Mick via business. Now Mick Michaels will not his industry forum, his Facebook, or even his favorite football only be attending your next event, website? Now you can. but will benefi t by viewing relevant retargeting and on average it increases revenue It’s called retargeting, content that aligns with his for our clients by 20%. But retargeting is only the beginning. personal or professional interests Dig a little deeper and realise you can independently retarget acro 722VF&RvV"W&WFVFGFVFVW2"W&F'2FBfS76'2W&F'2GFVFVW2B&GFƖRF2&V6W2&R@)x&WfW6ǒGFVFVBbW"WfVG2&R'FB2FvFVff'G2&R66VFrf"V&ǐ)x6WFVBW"ƖR&Vv7G&FSRb#$"&WFr'VFvWG2f7B&WB&W6V&6W'0)xf6FVB6W'F6V7F2bW"vV'6FRf'&W7FW"W7FFRFBGfW'F6r7VBFvF6V0)x6vVBWf"W"Ww6WGFW"v7W'72G&FF6V2'FRVBb#rW )xVVB"6Ɩ6VBbW"V2"ƖRG2W&F'2B76'2&R6FBWG&VBvF&Fǐw&vrFvF&WFr'VFvWG2WfVB&v6W'2FB&PFVFgrB7&VFrFW6RFffW&VBw&W226V@6VvVFFv66&RW6VBFW'6Ɨ6R&WFp6V6F2f"W"WfVBF( BRFR6R֗7FP&W&VBv&R&RF&V^Bg&F2&R7BBV"Ч&VB&WfVVRv^( fR6VV6WfVB&v6W'2R'F&vrWvBWCvƖRG2FB&RB6VvVFVBW7V6ǒvVFRgWGW&R2'&vBBfVF"6VvFFVƖvVB@RfRvVƗGVG2W7BvFrFV"&6g&RF&vWFrFBvWG2FR&vBW76vRFFR&vBW'6BFP6FǒWfVB&WFW'2V6G26ǒrFR&vBFRGW&vFr6W'2F7W7FW'2BVW&vBVR6VRFVgFVvFFVvFW( &R&V6rFVVvvVBF&VvWBFRV"bRVVBVFW@frv&VBfW"sSWfVG2f"7W7FW'2ƖR&VVBW"FvF&V6Bw&rW"WfVBV6R&V6WBFW2&WBfVF fVF"2FRWfVBW'6Ɨ6FFf&fVF"VvW'2WfVB&v6W'2F7&VFRW'6Ɨ6VBWfVBWW&V6W2F&VvFF6vG2B6V6FfVF.( 2&&WF'Ff&&fFW26&VV6fRFfGV7W7FW"fWpb7W7FW"B&7V7B&W2B&VfW"V&ƖrW6W'2FF&V7Fǒ7BFR6vG2&V6VfVBvFFRFf&f"vW&gV&W7VG2VGV'FW&VBvW7fRf&FU4fVF"2vW&VB&RFsSWfVG2v&GvFRF7&VFRW'6Ɨ6VBWfVBWW&V6W2f"VFr&v6W'26VFrVW&@W6F24U2"B&RfVF"6