Exhibition News July 2017 - Page 30

EN ROUNDTABLE 30 Finding your niche WJ: I’ve had companies come to me and offer one software for everything. Which obviously sounds great as an event organiser. Stefan: That’s why suppliers need to be open to partnership. One thing we learnt very early on was don’t try and build the new N200|GES; stick to core competency and make it open platform. You’ve got to provide a solution and make it easy to work with other tech providers. JV: Valid point, but confusing for organisers. You get these guys who are an amalgam of different pieces that have been brought together, and who are still massively acquisitive. The niche players are better, but do a very small part of the solution. KR: Everyone is so time poor. I get all these calls from tech companies. I really just need to know the elevator pitch: what does the product do, and how can it benefi t me? 99 per cent of the time I don’t understand what they’re talking about. KJ: I don’t think they know. JV: The niche players sometimes don’t have the funds to bring in a sales team, and regional sales teams and bespoke solution sales people so you get a tech response, which is sometimes confusing. Stefan: It’s sometimes a one feature driven thing. You almost feel as if saying, ‘we do all the core technology really well’ isn’t exciting enough, when everything else is being so infl ated. You feel like you shouldn’t be selling it if it’s not the next big thing. Back to basics KB: One of my biggest problems at the event I’ve just run – which is so basic – is Wi-Fi in a venue. You can talk about apps and virtual reality, but I can’t give a customer adequate Wi-Fi, let alone understand what the venue is trying to explain to me about the Wi-Fi requirements that I need. That is the kind of basic thing; I would love a tech company to come to me and say ‘here is a solution for your vendors at a consumer show to be able to sell their products to a customer’. SA: We’re all reliant on venue Wi-Fi. No one’s got perfect Wi-Fi, especially if there are multiple people using it. JO: It’s like mobile phones, we’re now moving towards 5G, but a lot of people in the world would be happy to get 1G. For us, as a registration company, intermittent Wi-Fi is the biggest issue that we face at every venue, because we reply on it to do certain things. We take our own; we’ve got the Wi-Fi network that no one else has. JV: There are some excellent venues that