Exhibition News July 2017 - Page 11

For all the latest industry news visit: exhibitionnews.co.uk Thorns acquires YouCanHire Events and exhibitions hire contractor Thorns has completed its acquisition of catering equipment and furniture hire company YouCanHire. YouCanHire is one of Yorkshire’s leading events furniture and catering equipment hire companies, with more than 35 years experience in events. The acquisition will allow Thorns Group to signifi cantly expand its event equipment hire offering and grow in key regions across Yorkshire. “We have always looked at opportunities to expand our UK coverage and with this acquisition we believe we’re now in a great location that will allow us to develop the increasing opportunities available, and continue providing a wide range of services to all of our private and commercial clientele,” commented Graham Langley-Jones, managing director, Thorns Group. “Their expertise will be vital for our growth strategy and we are delighted to welcome YouCanHire and its employees to Thorns Group. “We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.” Inaugural Outsourcing Expo launched The inaugural Outsourcing Expo will take place at ExCel London on 17-18 October 2018, with over 100 exhibitors expected to attend the show. The Outsourcing Expo will provide a platform for international, national and local outsourcing companies to display their products and services. The event will welcome exhibitors and participants from a diverse range of industries including Call Centre, Data Management/CRM Systems, IT Infrastructure, Law Firms and Telecoms. The two-day exhibition will be complemented by a top-quality conference programme supported by the industry’s leading trade associations. Presentations will focus on the latest innovations and t V6VW27W'&VFrWG6W&6pBv&fFRBF&R֗76V@'GVGFvWBWF7VVBvF'FBGW7G'77VW2BFPWfW"6vrG66Rऔ42vW26&2'7@WfV@FR&W"B6&W&vW V6RW&vW 6&W&vW"27V&VB7G'V7GW&W27WƖW"FP&W"Ff&6&W&vW"FR&W"w&WFR7V6FbFR&W"'6&W&vW"v&R"7FWf"FR6W2&V6֖pVFr&fFW"bFV&'76R6WF0FRFW&FWfVB&WBFRW&vW 2F6VRFRGv&6RFRWrw&W( 2&fPvFWfVG2BFw&r&Vv27V62FP֖FFRV7BBWW&R( vR66FW"FR&W"VFr6FRWfVBGW7G'vFvVƗG&GV7@'FfƖ7G&r&V7BvVVB6&ƗFW0BGG&7FfRrFW&w&wFFVF( Ч6B&W&GBWffV4T6&W&vW"( &F6W2fRv&VBFvWFW"FR7BদB&V7G2BvRfRWW&V6VBFV VFW'6B6'&FRfVW2F&RfW'6֖"F6&W&vW"6&rW"6W0vRF26&FfW'&fW76'FW"f"W"7W7FW'2( ХFRW&vW"2WV7FVBF6VR6&W&vW"@FR&W"7&VFR&RWFV6fR'FfƖ&vW"7W7FW"w&WBw&vrv&fG&BF2vV&R&F6W2F&VVfBg&G27&V6r66RBFW&Vf&PfR&R&6VBF7G&'WFbGW&fW 7&726V62W7V6ǒFR&VVWvW&g&6RBFRTFRFW&F6fVF6VG&RvW2BFR6VF2 &W6'B26&VBFR'7BWfV@6WBFFR6RBFRWrfVVRGvV'2VBbG2Vr#6VF2"v7BFFP7FƗGb6FW&rUVǐ#B#FRGFW"&pFRVwW&Fb42vW2ंd2Uv&RWrGvЦF6fW&V6RBW&F'&vrGW7G'&fW762@7WƖW'2FvWFW"g&fW"FPTFR6rv&fFRW&F07FG27FW&676W2&GV7@FV7G&F2B&VGF&W20vV2fFfR7FVB'WW &w&RvV6֖rFRV6VVB`FRWfVBVGv&G24Tb40vW2B6VF2"&W6'B6C( Ğ( F&VBF6VRFR'7Bbv@v&RW6FrWfVG2VB@42vW2vVvRVW"F'0#( ėN( 2fF7F2Ww2f"vW2F@vRfR6V7W&VB7V6'F@V6Rb'W6W726f"Gf6PbW"Vr( ЦW&FWw26VVǒ#p