Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 8

Contributors 8 Simon Naudi, CEO of Answers Training International Emily Hopkins, senior marketing executive, MCM Expo Group With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Simon has delivered sales and management programmes across the globe. P39 Emma Cartmell, CEO, CHS Group Mike Piddock, founder and CEO, Glisser With more than fi ve years’ experience in marketing, Emily heads up MCM Expo Group’s biannual fl agship MCM London Comic Con. Emma is an experienced entrepreneur and event organiser. She is a board member of the Association of Event Organisers and an ambassador for Clean the World. Prior to forming Glisser in 2014, Mike was a chief marketing offi cer, working in the telecoms and fi nancial services industries P41 P43 P45 EDITOR Nicola Macdonald Online Content Editor Murielle Gonzalez, Designer Sean Wyatt-Livesley Publishing Director Duncan Siegle, Sales Director Jonathan Gordon Production Controller Elizabeth Nixon, Production Assistant Matthew Vertigans Video Production Executive Karam Dhillon, Subscriptions Executive Kayode Adedeji, Digital Marketing Executive Kimberly Mullany CONTACT US Subscriptions 020 8481 1128 Editorial 020 8481 1152 Sales 020 84 #"&GV7F#C3 V&Ɨ6VB'6VF&Bf"R&WBW6RrV7G&VWBw7FWFW2C% RV.( 27V'67&F67B2T *3RdBWW&R *3"dB$r *33dBfWw2W&W76VB&RBV6W76&ǒF6RbFRV&Ɨ6W'2'BbF2V&Ɩ6F&R&W&GV6V@vFWBFRW&W72w&GFVW&֗76bFRV&Ɨ6W'2&FVB'V6&B&W72FBW&FWw0V'#W&FWw26VW&FWw0vPW&FWw0