Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 58

LAST WORD BREDA CRUICKSHANK The SEC’s head of exhibition sales on accepting change and not judging on a title WHAT IS THE BIGGEST TOPIC THAT NEEDS ADDRESSING IN THE INDUSTRY? In today’s climate, security and making people feel safe, but not being invasive when attending an event. WHAT ARE THE THREE THINGS YOU WOULD CHANGE IN THE INDUSTRY? 1. Changing the confi dence gap between female and male speakers at industry conferences. 2. The perception that Scotland is too far away when it is very well connected. 3. Not to judge people on a job title but rather for who they are. WHICH SPEAKER HAS MOST IMPRESSED YOU AT AN EXHIBITION? Not at an exhibition, but Paul Kehoe, retired CEO of Birmingham Airport at the AEV Conference. 58 WHICH MEMBER OF THE INDUSTRY IS LEAST LIKELY TO GET A ROUND IN FIRST? Never experienced anyone in the exhibition industry being slow to the bar – yet! WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE FOR A NIGHTCAP AND WHAT WOULD IT BE? Anywhere, as long as in good company! WHATÕ S THE WORST IDEA YOU HAVE SEEN AT AN EXHIBITION? Anything that takes longer than fi ve minutes to get your message across. FAVOURITE RESTAURANT Ð BEST DISH? The Wee Lochan in Glasgow’s West End – the Cullen Skink is pretty good. MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? My family home in Eire, which is full of childhood memories. WHATÕ S YOUR KARAOKE SONG OF CHOICE? Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive, of course! WHAT ONE THING DO YOU DO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE? I’m not afraid to try to help offer advice when people are going through a diffi cult time. January 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk BIGGEST WEAKNESS? Being put under the spotlight. WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? Meryl Streep – she’d probably perfect the accent. BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT (IN AND OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY)? Inside the industry, accepting that change is a good thing. Outside the industry, the grand relationship I have with my husband and family. TEAM YOU SUPPORT AND WHY? The Glasgow Warriors Rugby team because they are my home boys and also some are good neighbours. WHAT DO YOU DO TO LET OFF STEAM? Where possible, walking many of the beautiful beaches in Ireland and Scotland. Cooking is an everyday way to let off steam. WHATÕ S THE BEST PUTDOWN YOUÕ VE HEARD IN THE INDUSTRY? Not the best, but certainly the funniest; when someone admired my table etiquette whilst commenting on my nationality. TELL US SOMETHING WE DONÕ T KNOW ABOUT YOU? Mark Knopfl er of Dire Straits lived in my Glasgow home for many years. WORST ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU OWN? A WHAM t-shirt which is well worn. DESCRIBE THE EVENTS INDUSTRY. Work hard, play hard. FAVOURITE PLACE TO GO AT THE WEEKEND? The Wee Chip pub with friends straight from work every Friday. WORST JOB YOUÕ VE HAD? Nannying in London to some extremely spoilt and ill- mannered children. WHO IS YOUR HERO/INSPIRATION? My husband. WHAT WAS THE LAST FILM YOU SAW? Keeping Rosy – there is a real example of someone who’s having a diffi cult day IF YOU COULD HAVE ANOTHER ROLE IN THE INDUSTRY WHAT WOULD IT BE? Encouraging and facilitating a new generation of people to understand how great the exhibition industry is. EN