Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 43

COLUMN: SPECIAL OPS Outside the ‘box’ Emma Cartmell, CEO of CHS Group, says organisers should see a lack of traditional exhibition venues as an opportunity, not an issue I ’ve seen some comment in the industry about the lack of exhibition venues in London now that we don’t have Earls Court. But do you really need a ‘traditional’ exhibition hall to house an exhibition? There are so many large or blank canvas venues that the industry could embrace if we all thought a little more creatively. Since the Conference and Hospitality Show was born in 2010 we’ve never actually used a traditional purpose-built exhibition venue and our choice of venue has helped shape the event we have today. Using a non- traditional venue has meant that we’ve had to think differently, be creative in our attitude, set up and logistics, and it has even infl uenced the branding, the marketing campaign and the whole ethos and feel of the show. By 2015 the show had outgrown our venue, Elland Road in Leeds, and we were looking for a new home. We were keen to stay in Leeds because all of the different organisations representing the city – such as Leeds BID, Conference Leeds and the Leeds Hotels and Venues Association (LHVA) - work collaboratively and they were always extremely supportive of our event. The move to the fi rstdirect arena - a venue 50 percent bigger than our last - was an exciting but scary move. But it paid off. This amazing venue, better known for housing international rock stars, inspired us to create the ‘Rock Star’ organiser theme – which became a fully integrated marketing campaign. This cre FfR@W6FrFVR6f&VB@G'Vǒ6VVFVBW"WF2`'W6W72BgV6&VBगB&F&VvW &WFr66VFB"Bff&FV@W26Rw&VBv2F7&VFRgVFW&7F0vFW"f6F'242v2FRf'7B'W6W72WfV@bG26RF&RVBBFRf'7FF&V7@&VBW6rfVVRFBv0&VF֖Fǒf"W62vw20G2&VVfG2BG&v&62ЦW&FfVVRBfRFP( W6rG&FFfVVR2VBFBv^( fPBFFFffW&VFǒB&R7&VFfRW GFGVF^( ЦFr66GbW&F( 2W2FRf'7FF&V7B&V2w&V@Fr&'WB&FFR&BFPfVVRFV&R&R67W7FVBFW7@fWr6G&7F'26֖rFV@f"vr&FW"FFR7FVG7G&VЦbVG&VG2bW&F'2FBvRfRFRf'7FF&V7B&VFW6( BfP6FW&r66W762FRf ( 26rFW&F'2Bf6F'0'WFV"V6vvRGW&V@F2&&VF'GVG@FV6FVBBvVB&Rw&VB7W7FW &VVfBF&fFRg&VRV6FW&Fp7Ff`@df6F'2W"W&F'2fR@&V6W6RFWfVVfVBB6V6ǐw&"V6BvWB&6FRf"v7BFRd2vWBFRG&VFVBvP&Rvf"BN( 2&VǒBF@WV6fRf"W2F6FW"f"WfW'RV76RG&FFfVVRfRG2bFFF76RF@R6W6R( 2vRfRW6VBFP&67FvRG&W76r&2f"d7FfFW2FR7BBvRFW6RFR6'&FR&W2W@V"f"7V6f2VFW'Fr`fFVBwVW7G2BFvF&W2खfFrFVFV6&fW&rFR&V26W'FW6W6fGBvrf7F FBRW7BvVF( BvWB6fW&V6R&WBFW&FআvR&R6rBW6r&6G&rB&RgVvW'F2V F7&VFR&RVƖrd&"F226WFrFB6G2vV@FFǒ7VG2FRf'7FF&V7B&V'W@vVBfW'FBBWBb6Rw&W&bW&FFW"66FW&F2FRf7@FBRfRf6F'2wVW7G2@7Ffb7&VBWBfW"FffW&VB76W0&FW"FFRRW &Vv7G&F&V2vW"WfVFFR6rf"6B6&R&FW FRFV66ǒFvWB&VBB&RFR2F&RvVBFvW@g&F"ऒ6VRFR6bG&FFW&F76R2'GVGf"W GW7G'BBV6W76&ǒ&@FrFFffW&VFǒBV'&6PFRV&2bG&FFW&FGW&FR6VvW0F'GVFW2F6vRFPvRFFw2BFRvW W&F2Bv&2गBW7B&RFRfW'FpFBW"WfVBVVG2W&FWw26VV'#C