Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 39

COLUMN: SALES TALK The four types Simon Naudi, CEO of Answers Training, on what the four basic buyer groups want, and how to give it to them W ho has sent or received “the perfect mailer”? Some fully capture our imagination and attention, while others are deleted quicker than you can say junk. It’s not often a better use of words or a better illustration that sets them apart. Chances are the mailing in question resonates more with you as a reader. There are broadly four main behavior styles and hence four main ways to segment your data for more effective marketing. According to research we are all broadly predisposed to having characteristics of a Doer, a Thinker, a Friend and an Actor in unequal measures. A typical Doer is competitive, short to the point and someone typifi ed by action and results. They love to feel in control and live by the mantra ‘time is money’. Short attention spans and a poor attention to detail is typical. A Thinker, by contrast, loves detail and facts and can be prone to analysis paralysis. They like order, accuracy and factual proof. Their nemesis is the Actor type, who is fond of exaggeration, sweeping generalisations and a fondness for the dramatic. As their name suggests they crave attention, an audience, adoration and the limelight. A lover of images and big ideas, they still value options of others despite their self-assured outward manner. Finally we have the Friend who is a people person, tuned in to moods and feelings and a generally good egg. They make decisions based upon the impact on people and value relationships. It is rare to have only one set of characteristics and so invariably we have a type made up of a mix of the four. It is worth bearing this in mind next time you consider marketing to your database. It is also worth paying attention to the personalities you have in your marketing department, as they will instinctively favour the elements that appeal personally to them when devising a strategy. Thinkers will tend to promote lengthy accurate comprehensive missives whereas Doers will ri