Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 26

feature Growing the brand The marketing manager for promotional product distributors and resellers exhibition PPD Live on rebranding and expanding the show P romotional product and reseller show PPD Live will return to Ricoh Arena on 16-17 January 2018. Ahead of the show’s first outing after rebranding from PPExpo, EN caught up with Customer Focus marketing manager Adam Sweeney to learn more about the name change and what 2018 holds for the event. 26 What industry does PPD Live serve? PPD LIVE serves the promotional product industry and reseller community. The show is free and open to any distributor or reseller of promotional products, and visitors can expect to see suppliers from this and sister industries (such as print and signage). How did the show get started? Our first annual expo was back in the spring of 2006 when Customer Focus was still called Trade Only, so the show was the Trade Only National Show (TONS). The industry quickly got behind the show and the very next year we moved to our January slot, right at the start of the year to get as big a head-start on the coming year as possible. How has it grown since launching? PPD LIVE will be our 12th annual expo event, and each year we like to experiment with the format slightly, from the concept of the industry party we host in the evening of the first day, to showroom features such as the Industry Insider speaker programme and new product showcase areas. But the focus of the show has always been putting distributors in front of suppliers and enabling face-to-face business over that all- important handshake. What was the reasoning behind the name change? The show was called TONS (the Trade Only National Show) for ten years, and many people in the industry still think of us as that. However, as the show grew and we welcomed exhibitors from neighbouring industries, it was felt that the name didn’t truly reflect the fact that we were inclusive. PPD (Promotional Product Distributor) is our industry magazine, so we decided to rename the show – as well as the spring and autumn roadshow events - so that they all came under the same brand umbrella. What can visitors expect from the 2018 event? This year will be bigger than ever with an anticipated footfall of over 3,000 visitors. Returning by popular demand from previous years will be the educational masterclass speaker sessions and a catalogue zone, as well as dedicated new product launch area, and a hospitality area for \]ܜ˂\H[[H\\\[H[Y\\]ܜ[^X]ܜY\Y[^K\[\[H^\]Hٙ\\]][ۜ˜[][\H\]ܜ]HYH^X \H\[H[\K[\žYX\[HXX\K\H[Y]\˜[X] ]ܚ[[HHY]^B]YHوH[[Y[X[\[B\[\˂]XZ\XHY[YH܈\œ•HX\[H\\X܈\\\˜X]\H]\H[[][ۈ]H[Z[ Z\ܝ[[ܝ^H]ܚ[\][HZ\]Hو H\[وBRˈSSPS“HUHQUSӔ•˕ԓː˕R‘S\ [ B[X\H N^X][ۛ]˘˝Z•HTPTTԈUHUSŒ  ̎  L’Sԓː˕RԓԓTLĽ M LN