Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 15

AGENDA Future gazing As we make our way into 2018, EN reached out to the industry to ask what the new year will look like for the industry “The consolidation of the industry with the big players and Private Equity buying up more and more of the better and larger assets, has been the major focus of the latter half of 2017. So the mood for 2018 is clearly that consolidation and the acquisition of our larger companies will continue apace! We will be seeing a drop in dwell time at most shows as the uncertainty around the economy continues. This shouldn’t be seen in a negative light, but as a spur to continue to innovate and find new ways to entertain our visitors. As an industry we need to create the sort of moments that keep our audience engaged and eager.” “More exhibitions are aligning to a conference or other education environment. Our audiences are time poor and so they are demanding more from their time at an exhibition, more bang for their buck. Every moment out of the office has to be justified and give them maximum return on their time so education is an attractive proposition. We are all cramming more in to our work and our personal time and this impacts on exhibitions too.” Emma Cartmell, CEO, CHS Group Alex Soar, managing director, Brand Events Cars “Exhibition organisers are going to need to raise the bar another level in working collaboratively with exhibitors. Although Brexit may or may not end up being a catalyst for some industry events, this uncertainty could cause some businesses to reduce spend. Those organisers will be most successful who retain close contact with exhibitors before and after each event to understand goals and jointly increase visitor attendance and experience to help them maximise their investment.” 15 ( GW&r#B&WBvPv6VRW&F&v6W'0'VBFV"F&W76W0FFR7&V6VB6V7W&GF&VG0FBfRF֖FVBFRWw0vVF2F2V"gFW"FRF&W76R@7&V6VBv&VW72'&Vv@&WBFRGF62W&F&v6W'2FR6֖rF0vVVBFv&&R66VǐvFfVVW2F7&V6RFV vVFvRBv&VW72`7&V6VB6V7W&GV7W&W2@WV7FF2bGFVFVW2( Ф6&66ƒ66VBF&V7F"f&&&VvFW&FW&F`6fW&V6R6VG&P6&W'BWfVBF&V7F"f&W7BW&F0( Ğ( rFBFRG&GV7FbtE"vVFB&v6W'2FP&R&W76&R&6FV^( 2FFBvRvfǒ6VPFRVBb7BFR֗7W6RbW'6FFVRv7F'BF&VƗ6RFBFWfRvW'6bFV"vFFBFWv&V6P&Rv&RbFR&vG2FWfRFv&BB( Х66F6VbFV2ff6W"&VeFV6W&FWw26VV'#