Exhibition News January 2018 - Page 12

NEWS THE DEALMAKER Steve Monnington of Mayfi eld Media Strategies runs the rule over the latest global exhibition deals I 12 t’s been a frantic end to the year with 14 acquisitions from Latin America to China. CloserStill Media acquired German exhibition Online Educa, one of Europe’s leading education and learning conference and exhibitions. This will sit alongside their UK event Learning Technologies, which they acquired in 2009 and which will be launched alongside Online Educa in 2018, and iLearning Forum France acquired earlier this year. CloserStill Media have had an increasingly acquisitive year having bought eCommerce Expo, Technology for Marketing and The Care Show from UBM in September. There were three acquisitions in China this month. After many years of operating SIAL in China, Comexposium have formed their second Chinese joint venture, taking a majority stake in the company organising the China Stationery Fair. Comexposium are one of the most acquisitive organisers at the moment and are active in unlocking deals in the USA, Europe and Asia. Messe Frankfurt acquired a majority stake in Beijing Traders-Link Plus International Exhibition Co, organiser of the Automotive Maintenance & Repair Expo in Beijing. This is a very strategic move by Frankfurt, which runs the Chinese edition of its Automechanika brand in Shanghai. UBM acquired a stake in Shenzhen Creativity Exhibition, organiser of the Shenzhen International Electronics Convention & Expo ELEXCON and the Shenzhen International e-Cig Expo IECIE. Most of UBM’s China business is centred in Shanghai but many organisers are now looking at acquiring exhibitions in Shenzhen, where construction is taking place for what will be the largest exhibition centre in the world. We don’t see too many acquisitions in South Korea and those that do take place usually involve Reed, who have now formed an alliance with Exporum to organise Asia’s largest cafe exhibition, the Seoul International Cafe Show. Clarion have made their fi rst acquisition in Indonesia, buying a majority stake in PT Adhouse, organiser of Property Expo. This is the largest property exhibition in Indonesia founded 30 years ago and taking place over 10 days in August. dmg Middle East has acquired Hi Design an event organizing specialist business meetings for the interior design of luxury hotels with editions in Europe, Asia and Middle East. The event complements their interior design exhibition, INDEX. In Latin America, UBM acquired the Mexico International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC) and the Argentinian International Renewable Energy Congress (AIREC) from U.K.-based Green Power Global to add to their existing presence in rene ݅)ɝɕѕɭ̸)%ѡULɅͥѥ́եɕ) ѥAЁ5ɭѥɽɽ)ɥمєե䁙ɴ ɥȁ х A5)ɝ͕͕́́ȁᕍѥٕٔ)٥хѥ䁙յ́مѥȁѡ)х䰁ɕхɅаѡɔɽ䁅)ɕхɥ̸U 4եɕQѡѥ)M܁1́ỸLɕ)ᡥѥ́ȁѥɝ̰ɵѽ)ѡȁ́ѡѥ)ٕͥեɕɽ]ɱɽ))ٕ́ݥЁЁѽѡȁݥѠѡ)ݸ͡܁ ɍUXɥ̰)ͼ1́Y̸)Iչѡ́ѡUMMP5)ɽեɕձݹ͡Ѡ)Q!ѕɥɅٕЁȁѡ)х͕ѽȰ ѥՔͥ9)eɬ䁉她ЁѡȁЁٕɔѹ)ѡɥ!ѕ1ͽѥ)ѡ!ѕͽѥ9܁eɬ 䰁)ѡ9܁eɬMхє!х䀘Qɥʹ)ͽѥ)$8PH8P$<808\L)5 EU%ILQQ% ULY9QL)5аͥɥ)եɕѥٕ̰́ѥՔͥ)մɝ͕Ȱ!$ͥѡٕЁѡ)͕́ѕɥȁͥ䁡ѕ̸)!$ͥɝ͕́Ёͥ)ѥ́ݕ䁉́ɽѥٔ)ѕɽ́Ʌѕ͕ѥ)%ѕɹѥ̸+qQ!$ͥљٕх́əѱ)ݥѠѡݽɬȁѕ́ݥѠ%9`)ѡɽݥ͕ѥ!ѕM̳t)5ЁѽɕͥЁٕ)5аͥɥqQեͥѥ)!$ٕͥ́́ѡȁ݅Ѽ͕ٔ)ȁɭаɥ́ѽѡȁݥѠ)́ɽȁٔхȁѕɽ̻u))Յᡥѥ̹լ)5MMI9-UIP EU%IL%9%eL)1IMP%Q9MLY9P)5͔ɅЁQɅ́%AЁ1ѐ)չѡեͥѥѕ%Q)եͥѥٕ́5͔ɅЁݹ͡)ѕ%ɅȰɕ٥ͱ䁽ݹ)!兹͕ɅȁM)̸ٕQݼ́ٔɍ)Ѽɕєљɴȁѡѹ̰Ѡ)ɥѥݕ́ͽѥ́ȁѡ%)ɭи)]5饸ɕͥЁ <)5͔Ʌаѕ胊qMЁٕ)́եЁѕѼɽ͕ͥ́٥)፱͕ͥٔЁѡЁ́ݕͥѥ)ѡɅ䁝ɽݥѹ̰Ѡ)ݕ́)5%1199%0M%=U 1L%8M%i)5͕ͥ́ЁѼչ)܁ٕՔMɔȁ̀ѥ)ѕȁՉͥ锁ٕȁѡЁݼ啅̸+q]ЁݔɔͅѡЁݔȁ)ѼѡЁM5͕մఁݔɔ)Յ䁑ѕѼ٥Ѽѡ)ٕ䁍MɔٕՔɥЁѡ)ѡ䁽ѡдԁ=ѽȀLɔ)х́Ѽ܁ٕͽtͅM ɝȰ)չȁ%4ȁɽչȁ)5)!Դ؁=ѽȀܰѡ́啅ˊe)յЁѽɥѥݥЁ)ݕɔѡ̰́)Ʌ́ՑM͹䰁MՉ݅)ɉ̰Uٕȁ%-