Exhibition News February 2019 - Page 68

Outside the box Evolution in action Ash Austin, director of Evolution Dome, on creating unique and visually appealing meeting spaces for delegates Why was it made? 68 For the last 19 years, AirFinance had used shell scheme to create the 40 meeting spaces. This issues with these had always been their visual appeal, the fact that they were limited in their soundproofing ability, and the time it took to set up and take down. Kelly Morgan, event operations manager at AirFinance Journal , said: “The 20th annual AirFinance Conference, which is held in Dublin, connects market participants with c-suite executives from airlines, leasing companies, financial institutions and investment houses to facilitate deals and build business relationships. “Meetings are a very important, if not the most important, element of our conference. The pods created a great atmosphere for these meetings and also gave the wow factor to our clients. The previously used shell schemes did not offer the privacy required for the meetings which take place at our conference”. “The feedback received from our clients was even better than expected and offered a great alternative to the previously used shell scheme. Thank you to the staff who assisted on-site for the duration of the conference and the staff back in the office who were always available when required.” We created branding options for each pod, this enabled delegates to navigate their way around the pods and to the correct meeting while offering the company some brand awareness at the event. Tell us about the process of creating it Why do you consider it special? Evolution Dome developed a new silent fan system, which would offer an almost silent meeting space but with enough background white noise that you couldn’t hear conversations inside the pods from the outside and the sound wouldn’t travel between meeting pods. This solution was a huge success, from our side and for the client. Forty branded meeting spaces, with internal lighting, were installed in just six hours and taken down in just four. This meant that the client saved on tenancy costs in addition to improving delegate and exhibitor satisfaction. February 2019 | exhibitionnews.co.uk