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What’s hot for 2019? James Morgan, founder of Event Tech Lab, highlights the tech that might be making waves in the year ahead W ith the start of a new year, you may want to consider refreshing your technology stack.Here are four technologies – all tried and tested – that can enhance organiser work flows, and exhibitor and visitor experiences. Eventumbot Artificial intelligence (AI) applications for our industry have been around for several years now. AI networking app Grip was the first on the block. Bots powered by AI are the new disruptors – the latest evolution in our industry. Belgium-based Eventumbot is the first to provide a scalable voice bot solution. This creates a very ‘human’ experience. You hear the voice and your mind imagines the rest. They assist organisers with seamless visitor interactions. Voice bots facilitate answers to visitor questions on all sorts of topics. They provide information on exhibitors and where they are located, what’s on in content areas, information on speakers and more. Voice bots can be easily implemented at events by both organisers and exhibitors on their booths. You’ve seen Alexa – now it’s happening in our industry. It won’t be long before visitors have the expectation that this kind of frictionless information provision is a must. Lineup Ninja As event programmes scale, the complexity of scheduling them grows exponentially. A one- day event in one room might have ten sessions. This is relatively simple to programme. Add another room and suddenly there is a need to avoid putting speakers in two places at once or other problems related to more complex content programmes. Organisers have to check several things: clashes, capacity, seating layout, AV, tech facilities, tracks, speaker availability and session order. That’s lots of data points to consider when scheduling the content programme. Most planners have been using post-it notes or spreadsheets. This is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. It’s easy to miss a detail that can become a high-profile, embarrassing problem. Enter UK-based Lineup Ninja. The technology allows organisers to arrange multiple rooms, tracks, speakers and the logistics and resources needed to run content sessions. The technology provides and easy to use interface that is intuitive and sets out content programmes in a visual timetable. Lineup Ninja automates the capture and tracking of all the data, highlights scheduling errors, and can even automate programme scheduling entirely. This saves organisers hours, possibly days, so they can concentrate on curating the visitor experience. Ablioconference One problem with large trade shows is hosting visitors from around the globe. Many can’t speak the local language very well. Conferences and content sessions are playing a key role during exhibitions with multi-language audiences, but simultaneous translation is not usually provided. This is often due to high costs and the logistic complexities of current radio infrared systems. Italian-based Ablioconference is a new start-up that offers a complete simultaneous translation system. It operates on standard computers, Wi-Fi networks and mobile devices. It is designed to remove the need of renting and installing hardware. Event organisers can run simultaneous translation operations and services from a PC. Interpreters can operate on-site or remotely, while visitors listen to the translation channels on their personal mobile devices. The technology can work through the internet or easily configured and managed via venue Wi-Fi networks. Ablioconference can provide translation services to any number of visitors through unlimited language channels. Balou Visitors love swag! US-based Balou is an innovative new mobile marketing tool to help both exhibitors reach a wider audience as well as boost engagement. It’s an easy-to- use system, offering exhibitors access to an administrative portal where they can manage their giveaways and prizes tied to events that they are exhibiting at. The technology provides a tool for exhibitors to market their show presence directly to visitors to increase footfall and generate additional leads. It is an effective solution for exhibitors wanting to get a greater ROI on exhibiting costs. Balou integrates an exhibitor portal and free-to-download attendee mobile application. Attendees can easily access an exhibitor’s listing, while allowing them to find, track, and save the items they are most interested in. The technology bridges the awareness gap between attendees and exhibitors by allowing them to showcase their giveaways as well as offering a simple and effective engagement tool for show organisers to utilise and create more value for exhibitors. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like free stuff! THE NAME IN EVENT HIRE 0800 458 5701 Charles Wilson Engineers AD Final.indd 1 eventhire@cwplant.co.uk 15/03/2018 11:13 exhibitionnews.co.uk | February 2019 51