Exhibition News February 2019 - Page 19

MY WORKING LIFE LINDSAY ACKERS The PR executive for the SEC, and 2018 EN 30 Under 30 member, on the open-mindedness of the industry and collaborating on sustainability I grew up in Aberdeen, where I was born. We had a short stint in a small village called Tarporley, near Chester, before I went to school back in Aberdeen. My dad spent a lot of time working abroad so we visited him in Holland and Egypt a lot. Both fantastic places. We are a really close family of four. I try to go home as much as possible to Aberdeen. We have a bizarre sense of humour and when we’re apart, we mostly communicate via pictures of our latest addition, Tommy the spaniel. When I was younger, I was rarely seen without a book. I’ve texted a couple of friends to see what they said about me and the results are: clever (lies!), thick hair (unmanageable but true), cute (rotund), ‘comedy gold’ and sporty. I’m quite happy with that combination! My first job was a lifeguard at the Robert Gordon University gym. It was a good laugh and I’m still friends with some of my colleagues from there. I was working at the squash club one day when a funeral tea came in. Unfortunately, no one had booked it on our system, so nothing was set up. No catering, no tea/coffee... nothing. The heating wasn’t even on in our function suite. I had to run around the corner and buy about 20 fish suppers and a selection of Tesco meal-deals. Probably the worst working day of my life…and I can’t imagine it was great for them either. I ran a conference in Dubai when I was working at GE Oil & Gas, so that was my first taster. I fell into my role at the SEC after taking some time out to travel around New Zealand. I enjoy the open-mindedness of this industry. Nothing is ‘weird’ – everything seems possible and there seems to be an audience for literally anything you can think of. It’s already being addressed, but sustainability is probably my biggest bugbear in the industry. I think we can get it nailed if we share knowledge and collaborate properly! Also, the stereotyping of generations that is inherent in every industry just now. Age (and birth year) is just a number. I like to cook a lot but if I get the chance, I’ll head up to Aberdeen to my family. I have also loosely committed to climbing 10 Scottish munros before June, so that will take up most of my weekends until then. I live with my partner Michael, who’s an architect. No funny stories to tell; we’re really boring. Although he did just get his first pair of glasses aged 31, so now I’m concerned that he’s only just seen me properly for the first time. My last trip abroad was to France for the Grand Prix in 2017. It was brilliant, but the car parking situation wasn’t great – something I never would’ve minded before I worked in events! I don’t really have specific events to work on as I don’t get as involved as, say, an event manager. However, I absolutely love Christmas, so I love Country Living Christmas Fair. Andy Murray’s mum was my tennis coach… mic drop! Good old Judes. exhibitionnews.co.uk | February 2019 19