Exhibition News April 2019 - Page 71

People Moves PEOPLE MOVES 2 MINUTES WITH… possibilities in a space inspired by the world of Willy Wonka, went live in January 2019. What’s on your desk? A mug of coffee, two mice, two pairs of headphones, my keyboard, sunglasses, plans of current projects, pens, a notebook and post-its. How do you intend to face the challenges in the industry? Quentin Segard, design lead, WONDER London By building a great team of people who are enthusiastic about what they do and share the same passion of design and aesthetics as me. Biggest frustration? How did you get into the event industry? Initially, I studied product design and over a few years transitioned into developing spaces for the events industry. Favourite thing about events? The pace and energy of the projects alongside the freedom of creating and expressing yourself. The alarm in the morning. Sometimes I wish I started work later. Crowning moment? Seeing every design I have developed and walking into the space is a special moment every time. Best piece of advice? Have fun! What do you think you can bring to the new role? I have a varied experience in the creative sphere spanning high end retail, hospitality and exhibition design. This experience allows me to bring the level of detail normally applied to permanent projects to fast-paced ones. I love to share my knowledge and expertise with my colleagues and clients alike. Funniest work moment? I laugh and joke with my colleagues all the time, it would be impossible to pick just one. Dream job? The same job but by the sea! Who is the individual you most admire? My mum. What have you done in the first month in the job? I developed a design proposal for Google for Education’s presence at The BETT Show, the largest EduTech exhibition globally. The project, which invited delegates to explore the infinity of learning The last film you watched? BlacKKKlansman. At EN HQ, we take our coffee very seriously - how do you take your coffee? EN publisher Mash Media has announced the appointment of Graeme 1. Barnett (1) as chief operating officer and board member, having worked in a consultant/advisory capacity on International Confex since October. Mike Sherrard (2) has also been appointed to the Mash Media board and promoted 2. to exhibition director, The Event Production Show and Festival and Outdoor Event Show. Full service provider GES has announced the promotion of Jason Popp (3) to president – 3. GES EMEA. Popp has 25 years of global leadership experience, after joining GES as chief operating officer for the company’s UK, European and Middle Eastern business. The Scottish Event Campus has announced 4. the appointment of Debbie McWilliams (4) to director of live entertainment at the SEC, Glasgow. Events marketing platform RainFocus has announced the appointment of Kevin 5. O’Rourke (5) to executive vice president of global sales. O’Rourke will drive the sales strategy behind the company’s go-to-market plan, as well as expansion into new markets. Black, strong and lots of it. April — 71