Exhibition News April 2019 - Page 5

Welcome Bringing the industry together I imagine most readers of EN will be familiar with Mash Media, our publisher. Mash publishes a range of B2B events titles, including Conference News, organises trade shows for the events industry, including International Confex, and of course runs the EN Awards, which took place only days ago as I write this. The Mash Media mission statement is to 'grow the industry we serve' and never is that more in evidence than at this time of year. Whether you're looking to do business, debate, network or celebrate excellence in your company, we have an event or platform for that. Even within events, it's harder to find a more close-knit or sociable group than the exhibition industry. That community spirit was on clear display at the EN Awards, where everywhere you looked you could see old friends reconnecting and new connections being made. It was a timely reminder that even as we compete with each other we are all, ultimately, on the same team. This brings me – briefly I promise – onto Brexit. It's not really mentioned in this issue, as it almost seems unfair to pin down the opinions of event profs when the whole process is as perplexing and abstruse as ever, even at this late stage. One thing that does seem worth mentioning, and which was brought up in last issue's roundtable discussion on the subject, is that the Brexit process will inevitably mean extra costs and difficulties at every stage of the event cycle. Now more than ever, as we're reminded of the strength of the exhibition community, let's be fair and patient with each other as we tackle this new hurdle. Enjoy the issue, Nicola April — 05