Exhibition News April 2019 - Page 46

Feature What will define the exhibitor experience of the future? EN asked a range of event industry figures across the supplier, venue, organiser and tech spectrum how the experience of exhibitors might change in the years to come. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the consensus was largely that the exhibitor experience will become more personalised, making greater use of tech for improved insights, ROI analysis and more effective interactions with visitors. The exhibitor experience of the future is set to be defined by tech both in terms of the organiser-exhibitor experience and that of the exhibitor and their prospective clients. While it was often feared that technological advances might lead to a retreat from the live, face-to-face experience, in many cases it is working hand in hand to immeasurably improve it. EN 46 β€” April Shane Hannam, portfolio director, IBTM β€œIn the future, we expect to see artificial intelligence (AI) enhance many aspects of the exhibitor experience. From predictive analytics showing what buyers need before they ask for it, to facial recognition software offering additional buyer insights to exhibitors ahead of doing business, to chatbots taking over customer service, AI is set to completely transform the exhibitor/attendee relationship and will allow exhibitors to create more tailored and immersive ways to engage with customers.”