Exhibition News April 2019 - Page 37

Review MODA at the NEC “I always dreamed of these shows working with each other, because they’re so very different,” says Julie Driscoll, UK regional director at ITE Group. ITE Group acquired much of Ascential’s exhibition business, including Spring and Autumn Fair, in the summer of 2018. It was at once clear that Ascential’s Pure London fashion event would have clear synergies with ITE’s existing fashion portfolio, which includes MODA in Birmingham, and high-end events Scoop and Jacket Required. Driscoll, who previously managed Pure London at Ascential, is now leading the process of integrating and growing the ITE fashion brands. “We firmly believe that the fashion events are better together. It’s better for our exhibitors and better for our visitors, because we can direct exhibitors to the right show for them,” she tells EN. “What’s been uncovered, now that we’ve ‘deduped’ the visitor base is that there is very little crossover between each of the visitor groups and indeed in terms of the exhibitors,” she tells EN. “That gives us a great opportunity to reinforce the DNA of each and every show. It’s really fantastic to be able to look at the data and see a completely different A common goal EN talks to Julie Driscoll, newly appointed UK regional director at ITE Group, about integrating acquisition Pure London into the organiser’s fashion portfolio Julie Driscoll visitor base and completely different exhibitor base – what a joy that we can really capitalise and work on each of these shows.” And what does Driscoll see as the differences between the events? “If you are a more commercial label then Pure is probably right for you,” she explains. “We can direct exhibitors to the right show based on their business objectives over the next year, because some people really want to focus on a southeast visitor base, which Pure is really strong on. With shows such as MODA you get a much more Midlands- based, Irish customer base and northern visitor base.” Since the acquisition of Pure London by ITE, the changes have been coming thick and fast. Menswear brand MODA Gent has become part of the London event, as has childrenswear event Bubble London, which was previously discontinued by Ascential. Another new addition has been the ‘Power of One’ campaign, which launched last year and which aims to lead a more transparent and sustainable supply chain within the fashion community. “That campaign has really been taken to heart by the Pure community and as a result we are partnered with the UN,” April — 37