Exhibition News April 2019 - Page 24

Cover Feature › › CES in numbers › › 269,000 sqm › › 176,198 visitors › › 61,676 international visitors › › 4,398 exhibitors › › 6,371 members of the press › › 70 media events *Pre-audit technology is shaping the future,” agrees Chupka. “It really serves as an opportunity for companies to come in and get a good overview of how technology can change their business. It truly is a global event.” The media presence at the show is also extremely international, with over 6,000 members of the press descending on the show from all around the world. “When companies are looking for product launches, they’re looking for press opportunities and how their brand can be promoted globally,” continues Chupka. “We actually have a separate venue where we host all the press events. We do that so it’s easier for the media to be able to cover and go from one even to the next. “We schedule things so that we’re not conflicting two brands who are making a major announcement at the same time. That’s also what helps generate so much coverage of the show, making it easier for the press to be able to write the stories and to read about the products and technology. Companies know this is still a huge opportunity to get global press and to get that analysis out.” As an association organiser, the CTA as the advantage of working closely with the consumer technology sector 365 days a year, whether it’s lobbying on behalf of members, carrying out research or just meeting with top brands in the industry. “We have the benefit of not only having our pulse on what’s happening but also having a very dedicated group of members that are all very willing to help us understand where the new markets are and where the new opportunities are,” adds Chupka. “That’s definitely a benefit of association-run shows in the marketplace. When there’s something new that they’re working on, or they’re seeing new opportunities, they tell us about it.” Telling a brand story As with any exhibition, exhibitors at CES are competing with each other to be noticed and talked about. “CES has a long history of reinvention as they have strived to stay at forefront of the industry with meticulous planning and this year was no different,” Freeman president Phil Molyneux tells EN. “Exhibitors were working tirelessly to stand out from the Bell’s exhibit, by GES 24 — April