Exhibition News April 2019 - Page 17

Debate True partnerships EN asked four industry figures on both the supplier and organiser side what they truly valued in an effective business partnership Justin Craig, co-founder, LiveBuzz: “A genuine understanding of a shared desire to achieve the events objectives. A genuine partnership whereby both parties are permitted to have transparency about what is and isn’t working, without blame. A constructive ability to be patient and understand each other so that each party doesn’t jump to conclusions, rather takes time to understand each other’s processes and objectives. Ultimately, open communication, professional respect and mutual trust are the core pillars for the best working partnerships. Rommon Thompson, senior marketing manager, Informa: “A successful organiser/ supplier partnership comes down to two key foundations, communication and standards. You use the first to set the second, and then you make the first frequent and transparent to ensure the second doesn’t slip. Everything else that makes the outcome beautiful is built on top.” Michelle Baird, marketing manager, Freeman: Simon Walton, creative director, Silverstream TV: “As with any partnership, I think the key to a successful organiser and supplier relationship lies in open, honest, two-way communication from the outset. There should be trust between the two parties, to the extent that the organiser considers the supplier as an extension of their own team.” “‘Is there any way you could…?’ is the line I love to hear from organisers. Some of our most successful products started as an organiser’s crazy idea. A good partnership has the confidence to think the unthinkable, the trust that we’ll both deliver and the tenacity to see it through. That’s the recipe for innovation and events that stand out from the crowd.” The Name in EVENT HIRE 0800 458 5701 eventhire@cwplant.co.uk Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd April — 17