EVS in S&G - Page 9

Before I would like to explain you my project and then to explain you my new life here. My project’s name is Youth Caravan. We use to take care about disabled people,elderly people,children,in a bit we will start our work with refugees and I am so happy. When i go to work with disabled I use to go once in a week in “ Saray Center”, the most bigger center for disabled in Turkey. My Turkish is very “ bir az “ . And they also can’t speak English. I never felt my self bored because I discovered the power of the body language. Eyes,smile,hands,hugs. For them I am like a stranger, but they love me,all days. Then I use to go another day in “ Elderly House” Kecioren. We are in total like 5 volunteers for a day and we help the women in “ Magic Hands” room,we have the opportunity to do a workshop with elderly people,try to talk with them, try to improve Turkish. They don't judge us because of our clothes,our tattoos or something like this. I think they are so happy to meet them and share emotions,also without the language. I use to say “ I am trying to survive” , only for joke. Three days in week,instead,we join in TAA PRESCHOOL. The age of the kids is from 2 years old to 5 /6.They are awesome. We can speak English with them and in the while we can also speak Turkish in a basic way.

We stay with the teacher and we help them in the activities .For the children is very strange to discover that we are from another country,but they accept that we can’t all times understand them but is so funny. At least all Friday i have the opportunity to do Italian lesson with Jacopo. We have so many students and they love so so much our country,our food,our culture,our architecture,so they love all. And they are so motivated. They are trying to do them best and I love them. They are part of my daily life in my EVS also and I hope that one they day can go around to Italy and see how is beautiful is Italy. And they will speak very good :D

You have the answer about all my fears.I have another 4 months and a half in front of me.How many people I have met and how many people i will meet in this adventure.How many another smiles I will give and how many tears I will see on my face.So, I have time to spend here and i would like to tell you all details at the end.But for now I would like to say THANK YOU to this experience because I am descovering that I am a very strong person and because I am sharing this year with one important girl for me. I met she on 13rd of January,my 9th day in Ankara: her name is Angela.She is 10 years younger than me. Before to come here,sometimes the age was a problem for me,but now my mind is much open than 7 months before,and I would like to say :“ broke your mental barrier and go ahead,dear.”

Evs is changing me,and I will be another person.