EVS in S&G - Page 8

Sara Armigliati


I am Sara,Iā€™m 30 and I am from Italy.

Seven months ago i decided to change my life for the first time in my life.

On 4th January I left my comfort zone to come in Ankara for do my Evs for one year.

So, I am doing my EVS in the capital of Turkey,in the middle from European and Asian world.

Where past and present can meet and live together.

What about me . .

Before to come here I was very scared, I was afraid,I was full of question in my head. Is not good to think so much,you need to join the present. I have had some bad moments,a very bad moments. For a sensitive person like me is not easy to live so far. I cried so much,too much. I am felt alone sometimes. I thought ā€œ You can do it Sara. Is too much for you.ā€ But I am here,I am writing this article.