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Stefanija Stefanoska


Sergei Yesenin once said: “What I am? Who am I? I`m just a dreamer”. Still, I don’t know who I am, my documents are saying that I’m Stefanija and that I'm coming from the Republic of Macedonia. I’m a student in a gymnasium, I’m studying law, and I believe that by learning law I can finally find myself. In free time and when I need money for going out I’m acting and directing.  The title of my project is “Join our journey 4”. I wasn't scared before I came here, I just knew that I'll find a way to enjoy everything. For now, I didn't have hot potato. My work here is in general in the office. I’m writing my first project( youth exchange) about filmmaking. Once in a blue moon, I was in the elderly house but I came with a conclusion that definitely that place is not for me, I like old people but I'm not enough patient for it. I like my work here in the office and working atmosphere here. Also, my favorite thing which I did here is debates collaborated with Jacopo. Writing good motions for them, also debates with an audience, I think that they are a little bit harder because you need to take care of your body language not just what you are saying, comparing with online debates where you are more relaxed and you are just debating.