EVOLVE Business and Professional Magazine May 2019 - Page 36

Basketball A FAMILY’S LOVE OF AND TEAMWORK CARRIES OVER INTO THE BUSINESS WORLD, BOTH NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY O by Deborah Circelli n the basketball court at the State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport, Mauro Panaggio taught his players, including his two sons, that whatever they do in life, do it well. Mike Panaggio and his brother, Dan, have carried their father’s advice over into the business world with approximately 15 businesses, including DME Sports Academy, a top-level athletic development training and life skills mentoring facility that was started in Daytona Beach three years ago as a tribute to their father. “He was a tremendous basketball player and just an amazing man,” said Mike Panaggio, whose dad passed away last year at age 91. “Everything he did, he did well. Most of my business strategy I learned from my dad through sports. He taught us to be proactive, work as a team, practice hard, and that little things make big things happen.” BEYOND DAYTONA BEACH From software and digital companies to marketing and entertainment, the Panaggios are making a global impact. DME Software is a sports software, programming and design company in the Ukraine, and DME Video, in Serbia, involves website creation, design for direct mail, video, film and editing. A feature sports-related film, for example, is in the planning stages with American actresses and actors that will be produced in Serbia. Originally founded by CEO Mike Panaggio in 1984 as a direct mail company, DME has about 300 employees with its various domestic and international businesses. Mike Panaggio’s advice to other companies when it comes to the global market is to find the right people to manage businesses overseas and to protect your interests. It’s also important to know the rules in the country being considered and test a partnership for at least a year before making a permanent commitment. “Make sure you have a strong relationship with whomever is the CEO. Use the services on a test basis and don’t make a big move until you are sure you know the group you are dealing with,” he said. “Do not sacrifice quality for price.” Because of DME’s success with its businesses, it was able to open DME Sports Academy, which includes an international school operating now at Daytona State College with youth from all over the world. “I love Daytona Beach and I love what sports does for kids. High schools are deemphasizing sports because they just don’t have the budget,” Mike explained. “I’m putting some well-deserved profit back into the support of the community. I’m trying to push Daytona as a great sports venue location. I plan to build and develop additional facilities in Daytona Beach.” DME Sports Academy, which includes basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and hockey programs, has two full NBA basketball courts, five youth basketball courts, seven regulation volleyball courts, one all-purpose football field, two weight rooms, a 47,000-square-foot meeting place, conditioning room and television studio. | 36 | EVOLVE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE