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of opportunity for business creators focused mainly on applied science, aviation, business, computers and technology, engineering, the safety and security industries and space. The incubator’s most engaging feature is the laboratory space they are able to provide companies, space that can be ‘upgraded’ as a company starts bringing in more revenue. “Incubators, the big thing that we do is teach how to build a business, how to get investment in the business, how to grow it, and how to get their product actually to the market,” said Miller. “At universities, we’re pretty lucky. Most of our companies come from students, faculty, or staff members right in the university.” PROGRAM BENEFITS UCF Incubator Program ● Office space with flexible short-term leases ● Connections and networking opportunities with the Central Florida business community ● Domestic market research ● Access to experts concerning import/export laws ● Access to training and meeting rooms ● Intellectual property protection assistance ● Assistance with government documents and licenses ● Assistance with meeting government regulations ● Access to press release creation and distribution Sanjay Krishnappa, Hardik Lodaliya and Chandramouli Vadlamudi, members of the Aerosapien Technology team, work in the Make It Lab located in the University of Central Florida Business Incubator in Daytona Beach, Florida The MicaPlex also offers opportunities for its students. Kunj Patel graduated from ERAU in 2017 and is currently working on her master’s degree while employed by TechFit as a project design engineer. “Because it’s so close to my school, I know the connections here and my professors, so when the company needs something I can go ask them,” she said. “It’s a great relationship they have with the school and the company.” https://incubator.ucf.edu/soft-landing/ MicaPlex Incubator: ● Infrastructure: furnished office space with dedicated phone and IT services ● Labs within the MicaPlex ● University resources Conference and meeting rooms Business/mail box address Electronic journal collection and research librarians Business service providers network Fitness Center and Pool Partners and Programming Incubator Partners: expertise in legal, accounting, IT, and venture capital investing offering some levels of pro bono services to incubator client Education and Training: tailored to each client and may include assistance in customer discovery, market research and intellectual property, developing business models and plans, designing timelines and milestones for R&D, investor pitch coaching, fundraising and business growth, human resource management Events: founder talks, CEO forums, investor panel discussions, demo days, hackathons, and extensive networking opportunities https://erau.edu/micaplex Aerosapien Technology team member Vinutha Km works in the Make It Lab located in the University of Central Florida Business Incubator in Daytona Beach, Florida. The partnerships between the university, incubator and companies has opened new avenues for graduates who may consider starting up their own business, as well as providing a skilled talent pool to companies from outside the region considering Volusia as a place to locate their business. | 20 | EVOLVE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE Wilhemina Anderson is a freelance writer. She received her Associates of Arts degree from Daytona State College in May 2018 and continues to study there. She plans to transfer to the University of Central Florida in the fall of 2019.