EVOLVE Business and Professional Magazine May 2019 - Page 13

The ability to meet the specific needs of individual companies has resulted in an increase of stage five (or committed projects) in the Volusia County area according to Team Volusia’s 2018 annual report. One example of international success was the attraction of B. Braun to Dr. Kent Sharples the area. Looking back now, it appears as if bringing the German-based medical manufacturer to the area was a simple process, but Kent Sharples, Ph.D., President of the CEO Business Alliance, says it was much more involved. “The commitment on behalf of the private sector community is extremely important to large companies when they’re looking at a location,” he said. “They want to know, first of all, they are welcome in the community, secondly they have the support of the other successful businesses in the area.” Sharples calls it “cyclical economic prosperity,” combining economic growth and jobs. “People call it economic development, I call it economic growth and job creation,” said Sharples. “We’re not in the development business, but to get to the jobs, development must occur.” Making Them Feel Welcome The saying goes – a person may not remember what you said to them, but they’ll remember how you made them feel, and in the case of B. Braun, it was clearly conveyed to the decision makers their presence was wanted in Florida, specifically in Daytona Beach. Bruce Heugel, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, recalls from the early meetings, a sense of being welcomed whole-heartedly to the community. “In one of the first meetings down here, we met Kent and the CEO Business Alliance and that made it a lot easier for us to navigate not only what the state could do but what Team Volusia or the city could do,” said Heugel. by Danielle Anderson MAY 2019 | 13 |